There is nothing more important for a girl than her wedding day. The whole extravaganza has to be perfect from start to end, that is the wish of any bride. For it to be perfect, each and every detail has to be kept in mid from dress, shoes, flowers, colours to guests and literally everything. One thing goes wrong and everything explodes. 
Rest aside, we all know the main focus is on the bride and the dress. The one thing that complements the dress are the shoes, no outfit can look great without shoes obviously. Its is more like mandatory that a bride should have at least 5 kinds of shoes in her wedding trousseau to get herself through all the ceremonies. Indian weddings are even more hectic and more ceremonies, so that’s even more work. There are certain kinds of shoes that are like must have which you should have a look at. 


High heels are a girl’s best friends. They are the most trend kind of footwear. Any outfit you wear will definitely look good with pumps. They give you good amount of height and long dresses get extra length which generally have some kind of work done at the bottom. It’s a good way to highlight that. Comfort might be a problem here so find a pair which you can wear for sometime and maybe change later on. Don’t go for an over the top pair, find something that you might be able to wear later on as well. You will see a lot of different designs in this kind of footwear and heel height variations are also there. They are definitely the one to go for if you want to make a style statement. 

Block heels are the perfect kind of heels. They solve the problem with usual heels which is how they pinch into our feet. Block heels provide comfort and give proper support to the whole body. You won’t find yourself stumbling in them or having sore feet. They look great and the nude shades in them are to die for. The heel variations that you will find are really vast and materials are also something designers experiment with. For a bride there couldn’t be a better option as you can wear them on ceremonies that are bound to last longer. Heels hurt no doubt, but these hurt way less. They are just a way of giving the brides luxury packed in style. 

Kittens are just as cute as their name. they might be the definition of comfort wrapped in style. Most of high end footwear brands make kitten heels as a part of their bridal collection because they know how important comfort is for a person who is literally on the edge as so much is happening around. They are reasonably high and give you enough length and poise that you look good and taller. They don’t risk comfort over style and are definitely the right option for a person who doesn’t want to compromise comfort which is obviously required on the big day. They will also go perfectly well with evening dresses that you could wear to different occasions around your wedding. After all, a wedding means partying and celebration. 

I bet there is nothing better than flats when it comes to footwear. No heels nothing, only flat ground. Every bride would definitely prefer them at any cost if given the choice. If you want to wear a short dress for one of your parties at the wedding, or after parties then flats are the best option. They don’t add any height but do have a feminine touch to them which will make you look way cuter at your wedding. You could find something in lace or embroidery to match up with your extravagant outfit or have a simple pair which doesn’t out do your outfit. It’s all mix and match, you could actually go onto kraftly.com as it is a good option for shopping and use up some kraftly coupons as well

Wedges have the kind of heel that extends from top of the heel to the end. Its like a complete cover for your feet and they are the most comfortable high heeled option. If you want height, being a small person but can’t carry pointy stilettoes on your feet then this is the direction you go to. You will find tons of options here and they look really classy without hurting your feet and at any certain point. They are a good option if you are the bride to be. No need to be worrying about aching feet at the wedding when you have wedges. 
No matter what kind of footwear you add to your wedding shopping list, just make sure you have the right colour that complements your dress and the right size is the most important thing. Spend good amount of time in shoe shopping so that your wedding day is prefect in this matter as well. 


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