The best 5 Bridal Lehengas for the Wedding Season!

No Indian bridal picture is perfect without a tint of radiance in the eyes and a gorgeous lehenga.. ..agree? I am a big fan of ethnic fashion and when you ask me what’s my choice for a wedding, my instant answer would be a beautifully crafted Lehenga! Last November, when I got married, everyone seemed to adore my Bridal Lehenga, as it was designed with … Continue reading The best 5 Bridal Lehengas for the Wedding Season!


Best Glycerin Soap in India

The organic jasmine glycerin soap is loaded with the goodness of essential oil and glycerin. Jasmine and Glycerin are literally the best combination and are incredible even when used separately. Ozone Organics jasmine glycerin soap cleanses nourishes and gives the skin a natural glow. It contains essential oil, derived from jasmine, that is very effective in maintaining the skin tone as well as reducing the … Continue reading Best Glycerin Soap in India

Why I am glad to #SayYesToTheWorld!

Jobs will fill your pocket, adventures will fill your soul . . . this perfectly sums up travel for me. Travelling isn’t just about a journey to a new place or destination, but a journey to your own self. With travelling, I have learned so much about my habits, likes, dislikes, fears and strength. I believe that it is such a beautiful experience which not … Continue reading Why I am glad to #SayYesToTheWorld!

Say Goodbye to Blemishes with Mamaearth’s Bye Bye Blemishes Cream

Hello friends! A few days back, I received this lovely product from Mamaearth: Bye Bye Blemishes Cream for Mamas. I believe it is something that I was waiting for since long. In today’s time, all of us are susceptible to skin issues, be it dark spots, blemishes or other skin related problems. The reason being the climate and other conditions. This makes our confidence low … Continue reading Say Goodbye to Blemishes with Mamaearth’s Bye Bye Blemishes Cream


Saving Water the #CuttingPaani Way!

Hubby: (with a relief on his face) Aah! Indeed, water is life! Me: (surprised) What makes you say this hub? Hub: You know hun, it’s summers that make you realize how essential water is in our lives. Quenching your thirst for water is a blessing in itself, isn’t it? Me: Indeed hub, it is! But, water is essential all the year round and not just … Continue reading Saving Water the #CuttingPaani Way!

Stay Healthy with Saffola Active Soups

What’s your #FitnessGoal this year? . . . seldom following it? Well, I have one now! Till recently, I was always engrossed in a dilemma on what should be my ideal evening snack! I took to biscuits but the taste wasn’t likeable all the while, then fast foods but they aren’t healthy. So what’s the best way to stay healthy and eat well? Yesterday morning, … Continue reading Stay Healthy with Saffola Active Soups


A little tint with lots of love Organic Harvest, India’s largest homegrown brand with an entire range of organic personal care products has launched the all new Organic Lip Balm range. The products are globally certified and sans chemicals, developed to perfectly suit all skin type. Available in four variants – Lily Color lip balm, Lemon Lip balm with SPF, Green Tea High gloss lip balm and Hibiscus Color … Continue reading KEEP YOUR POUT PERFECT WITH ORGANIC HARVEST LIP BALM RANGE

Bajaj Allianz Life Goal Assure: Review

Indeed life is nothing without goals… ..and I am an ardent follower of this thought. Having a goal in life is not just exciting but also gives us a purpose in life. Sometime back, I talked about being a part of the Bajaj Allianz Life’s Bloggers’ Meet and with an enlightening session on #LifeGoals, I was motivated to plan for my #LifeGoals. And today, the … Continue reading Bajaj Allianz Life Goal Assure: Review

Thyroweight Bloggers’ Meet: Insights

“Oh! That’s a whopping extra 3 kilos that I’ve put on! I believe I need to do a whole lot of exercises and yes, gymming to keep my weight in place. And where’s my detox tea? And yes! How can I forget? I need to check a few dieting practises on Pinterest” . . . …sounds similar? Well, whenever we put on a few kilos … Continue reading Thyroweight Bloggers’ Meet: Insights