Revolt Oxygen: Product Review

What’s a better alternative to fresh and pure oxygen? It’s Revolt! It is a revolutionary product in the health industry promises one and all fresh, unadulterated oxygen that help in a number of ways. Oxygen has always been critical to our survival but isn’t it becoming more and more difficult to breathe fresh, clean air? Not being able to take in pollution-free oxygen leads to … Continue reading Revolt Oxygen: Product Review

The #DoYou Plank Challenge by Puma [Guinness World Record]

And though she be but little, she is fierce. ~~~ Shakespeare Indeed, women are full of power and energy. Sunday, 06th November, 2016 was a day to remember, as thousands of Indian women created history when we together, as a team attempted the abdominal plank for 60 seconds. Isn’t that remarkable? The event was being organized by Puma at the Jio Garden, BKC, Mumbai. The … Continue reading The #DoYou Plank Challenge by Puma [Guinness World Record]