Stay Healthy with Saffola Active Soups

What’s your #FitnessGoal this year?




seldom following it? Well, I have one now! Till recently, I was always engrossed in a dilemma on what should be my ideal evening snack! I took to biscuits but the taste wasn’t likeable all the while, then fast foods but they aren’t healthy. So what’s the best way to stay healthy and eat well?

Yesterday morning, I shared a sneek-peek post on my social channels asking you all to guess what it could be, isn’t it? And then in the evening, I was surprised by Bombay’s age-old Dabbawala who knocked on my door to give me the answer to my dilemma: A healthy dabba of #SaffolaActiveSoups.

I instantly took to my social channels and shared a short unboxing video of what my dabba of Saffola Active Soups contained. I was immensely taken by they way the dabba was delivered to the color of it, to the contents, it definitely showed consideration.

The Dabba consists of an introductory flash card giving information about the soups, the three different flavours of Saffola Active Soups: Chatpata Sweetcorn, Spicy Tomato and Spicy Manchow, and a bright yellow mug. Isn’t that so lovely?

Check out my Unboxing Video below:

So why do I think that Saffola Active Soups is my answer to evening snack dilemmas?

  • It has 5X more fibre, thus perfect for evening hunger pangs and helps in our fitness journey
  • It comprises of only 2% of our daily calories, thus making us feel full yet stay light
  • It is available in various flavors, thus tasty and increases our want to have it regularly
  • Isn’t that simply amazing?Absolutely! I loved the concept and have already started off with it as my way to achieve my #fitnessgoals

How did I like the Saffola Active Soups?

  • Firstly, the packaging is great and the flavors are the most likeable ones.
  • Chatpata Sweetcorn is superb and has the perfect flavor and taste.
  • Rich Tomato is thick and impeccable
  • Spicy Manchow is my favorite of all
  • You have to empty the sachet in a mug and pour hot water in it, stir and have. Simple?
  • After having it, I had a light dinner as its consumption made me feel full, yet light
  • The packets are reasonably priced and it gets my Thumbs Up indeed!!!

Do buy them online or from a nearby store, right away & #FeelFullStayLight as it’s the #TastyWayToStayFit

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