The box of memories

The box of memories Today when I received a pink little box it seemed so bright and lovely etched with various pictures of innocence it urged me to open the world it has stored within. The box when unraveled, exuded a familiar aroma that reminded me of my childhood years- blissful, innocent and full of laughter. Isn’t it so true that we as adults own … Continue reading The box of memories

Celebrating an emotion, called ‘Blogging’

Celebrating an emotion, called Blogging                                     ~~~ Amreen B. Shaikh Celebration is an everyday thing because a journey is never accomplished unless we celebrate every moment of it. Blogging is more than just a word it is a lifestyle which empowered my passion. It did not happened instantly, … Continue reading Celebrating an emotion, called ‘Blogging’

It takes a family to make a home!

Home is an emotion and much more than a house made of bricks, cement and measures. Because home is where laughter resides, expressions confine and hearts live. Home is the shelter of not beings, but souls- vivid, special and full of themselves. A place where memories are born of a million smiles and sorrows. Home is a book written of a many stories and chapters- … Continue reading It takes a family to make a home!

Kids defining #MaxFreshMove!

This post won the Colgate’s ‘#MaxFreshMove Video’ Campaign hosted by Blogadda Freshness is a feeling to be shared- it is the soft ray of optimism which brings a subtle smile on our face. It is the mesmerizing beauty of the simple pleasures of life which brightens our soul with its sheer content. It is something which not only enlightens us, but also those whom it surrounds. Fresh … Continue reading Kids defining #MaxFreshMove!

How I ‘Penne’d a Poetic Pasta evening for my Family!

How I ‘Penne’d a Poetic Pasta evening for my Family! Cookery is not mere chemistry between various ingredients, it is but an art which combines the soul of vivid flavors, so a mesmerizing aroma is born which can connect hearts. What could be more pleasing to create a jovial family bonding than to cook a dish from a country known for its romance and sheer love? … Continue reading How I ‘Penne’d a Poetic Pasta evening for my Family!

The Liberal Words

On this beautiful occasion of the 69th celebration of an independent India, I have a few verses of appreciation and dedication to all those writers and poets who own the liberty of expressing their words in a special way! Please comment your thoughts in the Comment Section and give your views on the poem, if any! Thank you! The Liberal Words         … Continue reading The Liberal Words

Building Castles of Sand

Building Castles of Sand Life is full of seasons and the most beautiful among them is the season of childhood. As a kid, we always wished to grow old and be responsible, to live on our own, to make decisions, to end the phase of being immature, to lead, to earn and enjoy life. But, with the passage of time do we realize how the … Continue reading Building Castles of Sand

The Kite Runner!

He flies his tattered kite and runs barefoot through the pavement. The summer shines on his innocence as he smiles his way to assist his poor father in his rag picking work. Despite the hardwork, they are paid in alms. He accepts the gift of hardwork with a smile. His father gives his semi-orphan child a penny to dwell for the day. He runs with … Continue reading The Kite Runner!