My Jug: My Mom!

Stressed *calls mom* Happy *calls mom* Scared *calls mom* Anxious *calls mom* Sad *calls mom* Excited *calls mom* Annoyed * calls mom* You see how much my mom is a part of my life? I have had many friends since my childhood till today, but not all know my journey, my moments of stress, happiness and sorrow, except for my mom who has always been … Continue reading My Jug: My Mom!

5 Quotes to describe my #TalesOf2015!

This post won the first place in #TalesOf2015 in association with Blogadda. — Do more than just exist 2015 was indeed my year to do what I could than just exist. After a painful and full-of-experience 2014, 2015 was my year to rise and shine. I had severe health issues and after slowly recovering from it, a new year was something I was badly looking … Continue reading 5 Quotes to describe my #TalesOf2015!

A #lostpassion to re-cultivate: Arts and Crafts’ Hobby!

Being creative is not a hobby, it’s a way of life. When asked about one #lostpassion in my life, I would promptly say, Arts and Crafts. As a kid, I was always fond of creating something out of paper or drawing cartoons, or handmade gifts for my friends and family. I always looked forward to my school competitions, so I could invest into a crafty expertise. And … Continue reading A #lostpassion to re-cultivate: Arts and Crafts’ Hobby!

What inspired me to blog! #inspiredtoblog edition

What inspired me to blog? Well, a sense of determination and liking. It’s my birthday today and what best a topic I could write on than blogging. I believe it takes up most of my time, these days, as I’m growing my following. Apart from teaching and designing, I tend to dedicate most of time in blogging and connecting with like-minded individuals. Blogging is indeed … Continue reading What inspired me to blog! #inspiredtoblog edition

Attention Everyone : It’s your time to support me! :)

Greetings from Paint The World With Words! So as most of you know, I’ve participated in a Short Literary Work Contest and it needs FB (Facebook) votes to win. It is time now to vote! I’m really excited about it. A little nervous too! How to vote: Login to FaceBook Open a new tab and paste this link: My entry is named: amreens44  There will be a text … Continue reading Attention Everyone : It’s your time to support me! 🙂

The Kite Runner!

He flies his tattered kite and runs barefoot through the pavement. The summer shines on his innocence as he smiles his way to assist his poor father in his rag picking work. Despite the hardwork, they are paid in alms. He accepts the gift of hardwork with a smile. His father gives his semi-orphan child a penny to dwell for the day. He runs with … Continue reading The Kite Runner!

The tears in her eyes

The tears in her eyes A piercing silence tears the tranquil of life and shatters mute souls,as an innocent gets killed for temporary amusement. She lays lifeless down, her blood flows incessantly. She’s mourning as tears flow from her eyes; as if they ask the reason for her fault. Her kids rub their nose against her; surrounding her, whispering their cries. Afraid and unaware of … Continue reading The tears in her eyes

Spring has arrived

They were losing each other Her eyes reflected the waves of winter, which freezed her emotions and words. He was walking away from her, but a nameless goodbye lingered through her mind. — Fate gave them a chance once again. It was the time of fall and just like how the autumn leaves wither from their home and take a flight of tranquil, they met each other … Continue reading Spring has arrived