My Jug: My Mom!

Stressed *calls mom*
Happy *calls mom*
Scared *calls mom*
Anxious *calls mom*
Sad *calls mom*
Excited *calls mom*
Annoyed * calls mom*

You see how much my mom is a part of my life? I have had many friends since my childhood till today, but not all know my journey, my moments of stress, happiness and sorrow, except for my mom who has always been there with me in every phase of my life’s journey.

It would be an understatement to say that I love her presence in my life, because no one can match her love, care and support in my endeavours. There were moments in my life when I was in complete despair and it was only her care and positive approach for me which helped in coming out of those moments of distress and brimming my life with hope.

I could also not forget the fact that she could always sense my lies and hence, I always failed at my silly attempts to sneak out for fun. Also, I remember the joy and happiness her face reflected, every time I won. It always seemed as if that victory was more of hers than mine. She is the only person to whom I could confide my worries and secrets because I know she understands my state well as she always consoled me and instilled hope and beauty in my life.

When I saw the trailer of Dear Zindagi, a movie which features Shahrukh Khan and Alia Bhatt where Alia compares Shahrukh to a Jug. No, don’t think about the literal meaning. A Jug here means a person who is the closest to you and the one to whom you can share your life with, without any fear.

Mom and me at the PUMA #DoYou Plank Challenge (We did it!)

My Jug or Best Friend is my Mom and there are a million reasons why she is the most closest to me and my heart. A friend is someone with whom you are yourself and there’s no one better than mom because I always feel myself in her presence. I remember all  those moments in my life when my mom took care of me and Abu in absence of Dad when he used to work in abroad, despite the fact that she was scared to handle our responsibilities alone, but she took care of everything well and made sure that we excel in everything that we do. While she was a teacher herself, she did the house chores and even helped us in our homeworks and extra curricular activities. She is definitely a Super Mom and my best friend because without her, nothing is possible. My Jug, my mom is the driving force of my success and achievements because only her hard work has helped me be where I am. 

Who’s your Jug? Why not share about them in the comment section?


am writing about Jug in my life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda

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