When I opted for clean air & a beautiful home with #RoyaleAtmos!

Reading the latest WhatsApp chat, I sneezed for the hundredth time today. “Hey Amreen! We’ve a new Social Cause Campaign coming up for bloggers & we need you to share the importance of having a garbage bin installed at every shop and area to minimize garbage littering. Request you to please acknowledge the same and revert on abc@xyzpr.com” Rubbing my nose with the hanky, I … Continue reading When I opted for clean air & a beautiful home with #RoyaleAtmos!

3 ways of Being Healthy: #ApneTareekeSeHealthy

Who says being healthy is difficult? Everyone does! Well, according to me, the term “Healthy” is subjective and differs from person to person. Some associate it with a gym or yoga session in the morning, while for many its about being controlled eating habits. If you ask me about my go-to way of being healthy, I would say that it is not just about the … Continue reading 3 ways of Being Healthy: #ApneTareekeSeHealthy

How I would spend this Grandparents Day

Grandparents are the best asset in life. It is so true that one is blessed if we have grandparents as they are the best source of wisdom and love in one’s life. I believe that I am one among those blessed people. I have been fortunate enough to have some really amazing grandparents who are so kind, loving, caring and affectionate. I have so many … Continue reading How I would spend this Grandparents Day

My Jug: My Mom!

Stressed *calls mom* Happy *calls mom* Scared *calls mom* Anxious *calls mom* Sad *calls mom* Excited *calls mom* Annoyed * calls mom* You see how much my mom is a part of my life? I have had many friends since my childhood till today, but not all know my journey, my moments of stress, happiness and sorrow, except for my mom who has always been … Continue reading My Jug: My Mom!

How a drought-prone farmer leaves his entire crop for feeding the birds! #SpreadTheVibe

Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud — Maya Angelou You may have wondered why almost every post of mine begins with a quote? Well, I believe that sometimes short and few words own immense wisdom to inspire our minds and read ahead. In today’s world, where everyday news are flooded with negativity, war and narrow-minded people, that tiny breath of fresh air is suffice … Continue reading How a drought-prone farmer leaves his entire crop for feeding the birds! #SpreadTheVibe

#SugarFreeDessertChallenge Splendid Experience Diary!

Save room for dessert I completely adhere to this commandment! Isn’t it so true that desserts hold a special place in our hearts and of course, palette, regardless of whether we like it or not. Last week, I was taken by surprise as I secured a ‘Top 3‘ winner place in the #SugarFreeDessertChallenge for my Dessert Recipe, ‘China Grass Pudding with nuts- Sugar Free Edition‘. … Continue reading #SugarFreeDessertChallenge Splendid Experience Diary!

The City of dreams- Mumbai!

Ae dil hai mushkil jeena yaha zara hat ke, zara bach ke ye hai Mumbai meri jaan. Indeed! If at all, I am ever asked this question, what fascinates me the most about this country, it would definitely be my city- Mumbai. I’ve been born and brought up in this city of dreams, where even acquaintances play an integral role in our lives. It is rightly … Continue reading The City of dreams- Mumbai!

5 Secrets to Safe and Soft Baby Skin: Revealed!

At times when you hold your little star within your arms, you can feel the map of your own bones beneath your hands; or the smell of your skin beneath the nape of his neck. That’s the beauty of Motherhood– finding a piece of yourself, your existence- separate and apart without whom, you cannot live without. Motherhood is indeed a special phase which every women … Continue reading 5 Secrets to Safe and Soft Baby Skin: Revealed!

Sugar-Free Dessert Challenge: China Grass Pudding with Nuts.

Never under-estimate the power of a dessert. Indeed, I always have room for desserts, no matter how much I eat. My mom is a great cook, but above everything, she is a dessert-expert, and just everyone enjoys her sweet experiments. We always look forward to the month of Ramadhan, when everyday, among the variety of spicy dishes, we have relishing desserts to hog on to … Continue reading Sugar-Free Dessert Challenge: China Grass Pudding with Nuts.

Of people #madeofgreat scars!

Last Sunday, I was cooking chicken curry for the family. My mom takes a cooking break on Sundays, while I take over the kitchen duties which also helps me in experimenting with my culinary skills. After I was done preparing the food, I got busy in arranging them on the lunch table. Accidentally, the chicken bowl I was carrying, slipped off my hands, probably because of my … Continue reading Of people #madeofgreat scars!