Why I am glad to #SayYesToTheWorld!

Jobs will fill your pocket, adventures will fill your soul




this perfectly sums up travel for me. Travelling isn’t just about a journey to a new place or destination, but a journey to your own self. With travelling, I have learned so much about my habits, likes, dislikes, fears and strength. I believe that it is such a beautiful experience which not just brim your notions with optimism and acceptance, it also empowers change. Thus, I absolutely agree that just working in a cubicle with a great salary cannot suffice the joy and mirth of travelling and adventures, be it even once a year.

Since our marriage, me and Usama have been lucky enough to travel internationally, twice: Dubai and Bali. Both of our trips were spectacular and each, in their own ways, taught us a lot about us.

That’s Us @the_au_couple

If someone would ask me why I love the world?, my answer would be that it has so much to offer.

Dubai Sand Art Memoirs

Living in a multicultural country like India, we learn a lot about brotherhood, love, compassion and humanity. But, my international trips taught me more. It taught me to value life. Travelling in my own country seems safe, but international trips somewhat scared me, in terms of security, as in how could we be at ease in an unknown country and place, which further made me realize that there’s more to life and even having a safe and peaceful life is a blessing in itself.

The Royal Taman Ayun Temple, Bali

It further strengthened our relation. I started to trust him more and we both became each other’s support. Thus, one aspect of why I love the world is that it helped me and my husband to communicate well and improve our relation.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi

Every country has a peculiar food style. When we went to Dubai, we loved the meat there and to be honest, the flavor of meat and milk products were much better than that in India and Bali. We simply devoured it, though we didn’t experiment much with our food style and stuck to Fast Foods and other known Indian dishes. In Bali, however, the food taste didn’t satisfy my taste buds as I rarely ate anything from their cuisine, I remember having a bowl of Nasi Goreng on the last day of our stay. This taught me that though we have our own set of likes and dislikes, adaptation and change is necessary for a living.

The Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

I have a fear of heights and deep water. But, both in Dubai and Bali, I overcame each of my fears. In Dubai, we went to the Ferrari World, which is a theme park with various rides with heights and speed. I was amazed to experience them all and while I took the rides, I saw the beauty hidden in each of them- the wind, the adrenaline rush, this experience is beyond words. At Bali, we did Water Sports like Parasailing, Banana Boat Ride, Flying Fish and Jet Ski which broadened my vision about how beautiful this world is! The blazing sun, the speed, the winds, the pristine water, the waves- these connected with me and when I did parasailing, I was awestruck to see the majestic beauty that this world possesses. I could see my fear fading away in thin air and I must tell you that this excited me enough to try the rides and sports once again. These things taught me that when fear ends, there’s beauty all over- an undying beauty!

Celuk Village, Bali

Dubai was a lavish affair whereas Bali was humble. These destinations had different lifestyles. One was drenched in extravagance, while the other was smiling beautifully. This was enough to teach me that whatever the lifestyle and way of living one has, life can still be lived with fervor and love. There is beauty, hope and love always.

Dubai Dessert

These two trips have encouraged us to travel and explore more, because with every expedition, we learn so much, love so much, enjoy so much, experience so much and inspire so much!

Sunset at the Kuta Beach, Bali

Thus, I love the world because it is full of beauty, owns a million stories to get inspired by, endless warmth to encompass and infinite experiences to gain. I am a World Traveller and glad to #SayYesToTheWorld

Sunset near Dubai Dessert

Also, check out this lovely video that inspired me to share my journey of exploration and how openmindedness is the word of the day!

Why do you love the world? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section.


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