Awards & Accolades!

Appreciation and gratitude are the biggest sources of getting our efforts paid off! ‘aka The Versatile’ has grown and I’m glad to have received a few beautiful awards, testimonials, features and many more through my perserverance in the blogging field! Blogging is a wonderful art and I am glad to be a part of it! Blogging is a great escape. Words and thoughts when find a haven, they only prosper and spread happiness. This page showcases my achievements, honor, awards, blog features, guest blog posts and contest wins. I hope they inspire you! 🙂


It is always a great news for a poet to be recognized and to know the fact that our work is read by like-minded writers. I am thrilled to realize that I am an internationally known poet and my poetry is published in amazing poetry magazines- emagazines and print magazines.

I am published in the below Magazines:


I am blessed and elated to be interviewed by some amazing blogs on Poetry! Read them here-

contest wins

Writing for contests is amazing. Different and unique topics are challenging and makes us more creative. I have participated in a few national level blogging contests and have won the below-


features and best posts

I have written for national level blogging prompt challenges and won to my credit some awesome badges.

BlogAdda WOW Post for-

Best blog posts? Nice to hear that, right? Well, my blog posts were selected as the best posts at the national level by an online blogging platform.

My poem,
My poem, “The crushed flower”

My poem,
My poem, “The tears in her eyes”

My poem,
My article, “Why use Social Media Marketing Strategies”

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