Best Glycerin Soap in India

The organic jasmine glycerin soap is loaded with the goodness of essential oil and glycerin. Jasmine and Glycerin are literally the best combination and are incredible even when used separately. Ozone Organics jasmine glycerin soap cleanses nourishes and gives the skin a natural glow. It contains essential oil, derived from jasmine, that is very effective in maintaining the skin tone as well as reducing the appearance of age spots. And with the added gentle care of glycerin, this soap is meant to turn your bathing experience into a delighted one.


Ozone Organics bathing range has been designed in harmony with nature’s rhythm and equilibrium. These products have been developed using highly active extracts that revitalize and nourish the body and are safe, effective and therapeutic.


Organic jasmine glycerin soap – Wonders of jasmine oil on skin

Since it is organic, it has a low pH which automatically puts it on a higher rank than many otsher commercial soaps. The jasmine oil is really good for hair, but it also works wonders on your skin. Some of other wonders are:

1) Say no to Depression. The aroma of jasmine alone helps fight depression. It has an uplifting effect and throws a party for your senses to let the stress from the skin out. This makes a person happy and more alive.

2) Don’t afraid of Infections. The components of jasmine oil have very effective germicidal, bactericidal, fungicidal, and antiviral properties. This means that it can help prevent infections. When externally applied to wounds, it prevents them from becoming septic.

3) Fading Scars. Jasmine Essential Oil promotes healing through the formation of scar tissue. In simple language it means that it can help fade scars or spots left by boils, acne, or other wounds


Jasmine Glycerin Soap – Why not only Jasmine?

When jasmine has all those good properties then why add glycerin to it? Won’t it clutter the soap too much?

The answer is No. If jasmine is better, then adding glycerin makes it best. Jasmine oil is associated with skin treatment for a long time now, especially with treatment of dry or brittle skin. However, it is not always very gentle on the cracked or open wounds. This is where the glycerin comes into play. Best glycerin soap in India gives it the extra gentleness that it needs and makes it perfect for every skin.

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