The best 5 Bridal Lehengas for the Wedding Season!

No Indian bridal picture is perfect without a tint of radiance in the eyes and a gorgeous lehenga..

..agree? I am a big fan of ethnic fashion and when you ask me what’s my choice for a wedding, my instant answer would be a beautifully crafted Lehenga! Last November, when I got married, everyone seemed to adore my Bridal Lehenga, as it was designed with excellence. It seemed to be a perfect amalgam of sheer beauty, combination of various Indian ethnic handwork par excellence and colors. After almost getting exhausted with ideas on what should be my ideal Wedding Lehenga, I finally gave a customized handmade lehenga order at a Bridal Store in Mumbai Suburbs. This selection took me almost 3 months of time, yes wedding preparations aren’t an easy task, phew!

Eventually, recently I came across some really amazing bridal lehengas online. Yes, being a tech-savvy person myself, I did approach online ideas for my wedding lehenga, but didn’t go forward with Online Shopping as I assumed it to be expensive. But, as they say that we wouldn’t know anything unless we try, I believe that there were still better options available online.

Let me guide you all through the various selections I made for Bridal Lehengas via Online Shopping and how inexpensive it could be.


  1. The Traditional Pink Lehenga

I absolutely loved the color and nothing could be more perfect a color than this for one’s wedding. The design, the work and the look is absolutely a stunner and people will love to see the bride in this.


2. The Jacket Lehenga Jacket Concept

This style was a rage in the 90s and we can see it brimming in vogue once again currently. I particularly like the color and the shine. I wore one on similar lines for my reception in mint green and salmon pink. I love how the netted Jacket fabric gives a sheer peep-through boasting femininity. This one’s another selection by me.


3. Cape it right

I love the idea of capes in traditional attire and someone who wishes to give their wedding dress, a different touch, keeping it simple yet elegant and quirky, this is it! I loved the net cape here and we can further embellish it to add more beauty and oomph. What’s more attractive is the touch of banarasi print to the lehenga as this is quite fabulous and beautiful.


4. Jacket it right

This one’s another Jacket in the list but it is a short jacket for the girls who love style and wish to keep it plain ethnic for their big day. Not everyone prefers traditional to the core, but wish to stick to the basics and still carry style. This one’s perfect for those and everyone will love your style.


5. Lehenga Choli

This one’s the last in the list and this style is taking up the industry. I have seen a sudden increase in this style of lehenga and to be honest, this style interests me equally. The lehenga style itself is enough for me to buy it in an instant and adorn it with the best of jewelry, enough said!

The above styles need not be only worn for Bridal wears, but also for engagement ceremonies. I hope you guys liked my choice of Bridal Lehenga styles. Share your ideas in the comment section. I’m all ears!


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