Sugar-Free Dessert Challenge: China Grass Pudding with Nuts.

Never under-estimate the power of a dessert. Indeed, I always have room for desserts, no matter how much I eat. My mom is a great cook, but above everything, she is a dessert-expert, and just everyone enjoys her sweet experiments. We always look forward to the month of Ramadhan, when everyday, among the variety of spicy dishes, we have relishing desserts to hog on to … Continue reading Sugar-Free Dessert Challenge: China Grass Pudding with Nuts.

Of people #madeofgreat scars!

Last Sunday, I was cooking chicken curry for the family. My mom takes a cooking break on Sundays, while I take over the kitchen duties which also helps me in experimenting with my culinary skills. After I was done preparing the food, I got busy in arranging them on the lunch table. Accidentally, the chicken bowl I was carrying, slipped off my hands, probably because of my … Continue reading Of people #madeofgreat scars!

5 Secrets to keeping a baby’s skin soft and safe.

Big stories start with little chapters, isn’t it? I’ve always believed that a newborn is no less than a little chapter which can bring along stories of hope, optimism, playfulness and beauty in our lives. I am very fond of babies and love to caress their soft and silken skin which drapes their tender and tiny body. A newborn is very fragile and during the … Continue reading 5 Secrets to keeping a baby’s skin soft and safe.

McCain Snacks: Connecting smiles, Connecting memories!

Snacks are an integral part of our personality they emanate our fun facet. Indeed, I acknowledge it wholeheartedly! Yesterday, I visited the supermarket and bought myself a pack of McCain Crispy Happy Smiles. McCain Smiles are delicious, mashed potatoes, seasoned and shaped into happy faces. Best enjoyed with Tomato Mayonnaise dip. Go ahead, take a bite and keep smiling! In the afternoon, I visited McCain … Continue reading McCain Snacks: Connecting smiles, Connecting memories!

#CelebratedBlogging with #WIN15!

This post won the ‘#CelebrateBlogging with #WIN15’ contest hosted by Blogadda Blogging is an art and celebrating it is another! BlogAdda’s #WIN15 event is the first ever blogging conference and event, I ever attended. And I must say, it was a never-forgetting event. #WIN15 took place on 20th September, 2015 at J.W. Marriott Sahar, in Mumbai. The event had awesome writers and bloggers from all … Continue reading #CelebratedBlogging with #WIN15!

TATASky+ Transfer: Entertainment within my pocket!

This post won the TATA Sky’s ‘TATASky+ Transfer Campaign’ hosted by Indiblogger   Mobile Media Entertainment is an invention that permits you to be entertained anytime, anywhere. Isn’t it true? Well, recently, I was surfing Facebook, when I stumbled upon a post related to TATASky+ Transfer. The short video on the Tranferkar‘s Family and their Tagline, ‘Record.Transfer.Carry‘ intrigued me to know more about the product. Further, I learned … Continue reading TATASky+ Transfer: Entertainment within my pocket!

Attention Everyone : It’s your time to support me! :)

Greetings from Paint The World With Words! So as most of you know, I’ve participated in a Short Literary Work Contest and it needs FB (Facebook) votes to win. It is time now to vote! I’m really excited about it. A little nervous too! How to vote: Login to FaceBook Open a new tab and paste this link: My entry is named: amreens44  There will be a text … Continue reading Attention Everyone : It’s your time to support me! 🙂

How 27Coupons helped me shape my creativity!

Creativity is intelligence having fun. ~~~ Albert Einstein I truly believe that creativity is enjoyable. When we are creative and innovative in doing a certain task, we actually rejoice and have fun. In this way, we also learn a things, a lot better and do not find it monotonous and boring. Whenever I’m assigned a task, I try and think out of the box and … Continue reading How 27Coupons helped me shape my creativity!

Celebrating an emotion, called ‘Blogging’

Celebrating an emotion, called Blogging                                     ~~~ Amreen B. Shaikh Celebration is an everyday thing because a journey is never accomplished unless we celebrate every moment of it. Blogging is more than just a word it is a lifestyle which empowered my passion. It did not happened instantly, … Continue reading Celebrating an emotion, called ‘Blogging’

TinyOwl Food Diaries!

This post won the ‘TinyOwl Campaign’ hosted by Indiblogger Delicious, rich and tasty food confines within a bowl for a scrumptious and flavorful dish of appetite’s a delightful thought for the soul. Do you like it? I’m sure, you would! You see, I can write great verses on Food, experiment with vivid cuisines every weekend, review the aroma and taste of various lip-smacking dishes. Basically, I can … Continue reading TinyOwl Food Diaries!