McCain Snacks: Connecting smiles, Connecting memories!

Snacks are an integral part of our personality
they emanate our fun facet.

Indeed, I acknowledge it wholeheartedly! Yesterday, I visited the supermarket and bought myself a pack of McCain Crispy Happy Smiles.

mccain smiles
Photo Courtesy: McCain Foods

McCain Smiles are delicious, mashed potatoes, seasoned and shaped into happy faces. Best enjoyed with Tomato Mayonnaise dip. Go ahead, take a bite and keep smiling!

In the afternoon, I visited McCain website to know more about their products. Their diverse foods overwhelmed my snack bud; interested, I learned more about the varied ways to prepare the Smiles. One of them was, Smiles Canapes Recipe, along with a video to prepare it by none other than the gorgeous Karisma Kapoor.

This video brought back a fond food memory. A memory which was somewhat faded, yet fresh and joyful!

Food has the ability to bring back memories we have long forgotten.


I’ve this strong memory of my childhood. Our school used to conduct various snack competitions and activities on different occasions. When I was in my 4th grade, there was this competition to prepare Monaco Toppings in pairs of 2, on the occasion of Christmas. In those days, Monaco biscuits were a recent addition to the snack category and with this activity, we got a chance to celebrate the crisp and salty cookie.

My entire house, hence, became a mixed riot of restlessness, aflutter and delight, as I wanted to prepare the best Monaco snack. The restlessness was met by my calm and positive Mom, who assured me that her help will surely make me win. And the optimism sustained.

My mom has always been particular about health, while still letting us enjoy food. Her idea was to prepare biscuit canapé, titled, Monaco Bites, topped with tomato slice, sweet corn kernels and finely chopped capsicum, sprinkled with grated cheese, seasoned with salt and pepper, and garnished with a twig of parsley.

My partner and I practiced making the canapé, a many times, to be perfect in execution at school. And, it was a success. Everyone enjoyed the Monaco Bites, from teachers to students, making us win the competition with flying colors!


Isn’t life a beautiful memory?
And can memories be cherished without smiles?

This thought brought a smile on my face and I decided to share this moment with mom, because as they say, ‘Smiles are doubled, when shared’. I thought to relive my school memory by preparing McCain Smiles in the same way, as Monaco Bites. It is a refreshing and nutritious treat for health-concerned people, like my mom. McCain Bites are crisp on the outside and soft on the inside and exhibit a rich and robust flavor which requires no additional seasoning.

Why I preferred McCain Products for my health-friendly Mom?

  • Cholesterol & Trans-fat free
  • Ready in 3 minutes
  • Goodness of Potato
  • Pre-cooked in Pure Vegetable Oil
  • Fry or Bake
mccain smiles canape
McCain Bites 🙂

In the afternoon, my mom was met with surprise as I served her McCain Bites with Tea. An air of happiness ran through her face, as she saw the savoring snack.

“Monaco Bites?”, she asked with a smile.

I smiled back and let her enjoy the snack.

“A better version of it, in fact. It’s crisp, hot and tasty. Beautiful!”

We both smiled and relived that beautiful memory again, thanks to McCain Smiles.


McCain Snacks are a way to bring a smile on anybody’s face. They are healthy, packed with the goodness of potato, easy to cook and the perfect ingredient to share over thoughts, memories and smiles. To be apt, McCain Snacks can connect memories and smiles.


9 thoughts on “McCain Snacks: Connecting smiles, Connecting memories!

  1. I loovveee their frozen snack foods!
    I remember while interning at Dunkin’ Donuts(In India),they largely device their burgers around McCain snakes due to the significant reduction in cooking time.With the right kind of sauces they made incredible variants of tastes!

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