Togetherness, the ‘real’ one!

Together is a wonderful place to be.

Isn’t it? A person is unable to be happy or enjoy life, by being alone. Memories, too, cannot be created alone. It is only through togetherness and unity, that we can achieve things, be happy, rejoice, share, love, initiate and create memories.

I can do things you cannot,
you can do things I cannot;
together we can do great things.

~~~ Mother Teresa

Indeed, none of us is complete and through the efforts of our unity and strength, can we accomplish difficult things, as each of our strength’s help in overcoming each other’s flaws, thus bringing out happiness, achievements and sharing.

Nothing is sweeter than the togetherness we share.

For me togetherness is not just creating memories, but to perpetuate and cultivate the feeling of sharing. According to me, sharing initiates growth and mirth. Thus, togetherness is not a mere word, but a vast feeling of sharing and caring.

In today’s world, technology has engulfed our lives and times, to the extent that we do not have enough time for spending with our family or friends. Technology has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the biggest drawback is the visible alienation of humans towards ‘real‘ togetherness. We now believe that our real personality belongs in the virtual world, hence, we are active online, but offline, we have a dull and boring life.

But does that hold true?

Definitely not! It is not bad to be a technology lover, but we must know where to draw the line. We must know, where we belong. Real togetherness is not about creating virtual or online social networks, but to create real friendships, real bonding and a real life.

Recently, I was surfing the internet, when I read about Kissanpur– an initiative by Kissan, which talks about breaking free from the clutches of our smart phones and engaging ourselves in building meaningful relationships with our kith and kin in the real world. According to them, it is time to break the shackles of the digital world and instead get down to the roots and connect in person, by feeling and sharing real emotions in the real world.

What a priceless thought!‘, I thought to myself.

Accompanying it, was a beautiful and motivating video of how, together, a housing society, discover real togetherness, by indulging in the sheer mirth and joy of nature. Watch the video below >>

This was indeed a divine and profound initiative, which inspired me about togetherness, the real one! For a moment, I pondered over the thought of how nature can help in experiencing real togetherness:

Nature is something, which is diminishing by the hour and with it, the ecological balance, too, is suffering from a major imbalance. What we can do, is promote the growth of trees and organic fruits. This endeavor cannot be achieved alone. We do need the power and beauty of togetherness to help witness a good change. We can surely help nature to nurture and grow.

We can take the help of our family and friends to help in growing plants and trees in our locality, which will not only curb the issues of ecological imbalance, but also, promote ‘real’ togetherness. Apart from that, we can create memories, as we plant the seeds and water them, learn tips and tricks about growing rich plants and trees in our neighborhood, initiate new ideas to spread the word and discover together, the growth of our creation, of how the tiny seeds of various plants grow into ripe and juicy fruits.

Let us all take some time, out of our lives, in enhancing real togetherness between us and in the journey, promote nature.

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