Wordless (#ItsStillOkay)

Wordless While I decide to emote my thoughts to the world, ideas overwhelm me- of beauty and hope, despair and sadness. I’m left with sheer void as words refrain to unbottle but to be speechless and wordless at times, is still okay! #ItsStillOkay Continue reading Wordless (#ItsStillOkay)

The McCainlicious #McCainSnackParty with Karisma Kapoor!

15th December was an eventful day! I had 2 different events to attend- #SugarFreeDessertChallenge in the Morning and #McCainSnackParty in the evening. I was apparently very excited for both and wanted to enjoy. After the memorable morning event at Yellow Chilli, I headed over to Hyatt Regency for the McCain Event. I was more excited as I was going to meet Karisma Kapoor, who has been … Continue reading The McCainlicious #McCainSnackParty with Karisma Kapoor!

Togetherness, the ‘real’ one!

Together is a wonderful place to be. Isn’t it? A person is unable to be happy or enjoy life, by being alone. Memories, too, cannot be created alone. It is only through togetherness and unity, that we can achieve things, be happy, rejoice, share, love, initiate and create memories. I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do … Continue reading Togetherness, the ‘real’ one!

Kids defining #MaxFreshMove!

This post won the Colgate’s ‘#MaxFreshMove Video’ Campaign hosted by Blogadda Freshness is a feeling to be shared- it is the soft ray of optimism which brings a subtle smile on our face. It is the mesmerizing beauty of the simple pleasures of life which brightens our soul with its sheer content. It is something which not only enlightens us, but also those whom it surrounds. Fresh … Continue reading Kids defining #MaxFreshMove!

The Liberal Words

On this beautiful occasion of the 69th celebration of an independent India, I have a few verses of appreciation and dedication to all those writers and poets who own the liberty of expressing their words in a special way! Please comment your thoughts in the Comment Section and give your views on the poem, if any! Thank you! The Liberal Words         … Continue reading The Liberal Words

The Kite Runner!

He flies his tattered kite and runs barefoot through the pavement. The summer shines on his innocence as he smiles his way to assist his poor father in his rag picking work. Despite the hardwork, they are paid in alms. He accepts the gift of hardwork with a smile. His father gives his semi-orphan child a penny to dwell for the day. He runs with … Continue reading The Kite Runner!

It’s ASUS Zenfone 2

Mobile Technology has witnessed a drastic change over the few years. A few decades ago, there were only landlines and a complete absence of mobile phones, not even those boring and monotonous stamp-sized screen phones. We’ve really evolved! Today, smart phones have completely changed our outlook and we are connected with the entire world with the device within our palm. I am in awe when I … Continue reading It’s ASUS Zenfone 2

Redefining my smart phone experience with ASUS Zenfone 2!

Technology is evolving and with its progress, our lifestyle too, has witnessed a vast change. The most common application of technology in our lives is smart phones. Within a few years of time, mobile technology has adopted a huge conversion in its experience and service. Communication has become extremely convenient, wireless and at fingertips from a wired and attached connection. The call and message rates … Continue reading Redefining my smart phone experience with ASUS Zenfone 2!

The Chain Smoker!

I was present at the zoo amongst many amused people- laughing and giggling, taking photos and videos, their faces turning red with laughter. The entire environment was hilarious and jolly! For? A huge, captive chimp named Charlie was smoking cigarettes thrown within his enclosure by visitors. He is a chain smoker. How did it began? His caretaker told us that he developed this habit a few years back, … Continue reading The Chain Smoker!