A life, so simple…

Greetings everyone! It’s been really long that I posted anything. Recently, read an old poem of mine on Poems & Quotes, the best poetry community I’ve ever been in. Old memories and writings show how we have evolved and in a way, show our transition. Enjoyed to relive it! I hope you all enjoy reading it. Please do share your comments and make my day 🙂


A Life, so simple

My eyes open mirthfully,
by the soft rays of the glistening sun falling upon it,
to begin a new day in a life,so simple…

My bowed head with raised hands
in a prayer to the Almighty,
instills faith and spirituality in me, in a life, so simple…

The gleeful gestures of children during their plays,
puts a forever-lasting happiness on my face,
to stay cheerful in a life, so simple…

My helpful gestures to the feeble,
brings the moisture of love in their eyes,
keeping me blessed in a life, so simple…

Nurturing the plants in my courtyard,
germinates love and compassion in me,
to be responsible in a life, so simple…

The humming melodies of the haywire birds,
enables me to tap my feet and sing from within,
keeping me enjoyable in life, so simple…

A cup of hot tea in the midst of work,
gifts me moments of relaxation,
to retain my determination in a life, so simple…

The coolness of the starry night,
rids me out of tension,
making me sleep blissfully in a life, so simple…

~~~ Amreen Shaikh

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