A life, so simple…

Greetings everyone! It’s been really long that I posted anything. Recently, read an old poem of mine on Poems & Quotes, the best poetry community I’ve ever been in. Old memories and writings show how we have evolved and in a way, show our transition. Enjoyed to relive it! I hope you all enjoy reading it. Please do share your comments and make my day … Continue reading A life, so simple…

The tears in her eyes

The tears in her eyes A piercing silence tears the tranquil of life and shatters mute souls,as an innocent gets killed for temporary amusement. She lays lifeless down, her blood flows incessantly. She’s mourning as tears flow from her eyes; as if they ask the reason for her fault. Her kids rub their nose against her; surrounding her, whispering their cries. Afraid and unaware of … Continue reading The tears in her eyes


Sunrises Love is like the beauty of a sunrise, like a beginning filled¬†with¬†freshness and zeal like the gleaming of the sun on new¬†grass after rain. And just like how sunrises promises¬†the end of darkness and the dawn of brightness, let love be like sunrises- vibrant, illuminating, vivid, always alive and forever beautiful. And let love be like the rays of sunrises- inviting lovers to brighten … Continue reading Sunrises

Red paper roses

The Prompt for the month of February¬†organized by Writers’ Ezine is Red roses which would inspire anyone to write a love story or something which holds the meaning of love for them. Not following the usual notion behind the roses, I dedicate this prompt and my¬†poem- Red paper roses to all those aged people in our lives who at this stage only thirst for love. … Continue reading Red paper roses

The Purple Sponge

Greetings! It is April and the month of Poetry.¬†April is observed as the National Month of Poetry, also called as NaPoMo. I was keen on dedicating this month to Poetry and write a Poem every day, to celebrate the richness of this art form. I’ve always loved to express myself and Poetry was the best medium for me. I have known that DP(Daily Post) conducts … Continue reading The Purple Sponge

Reviewing a Collection of Poems

Originally posted on Born Again Writer:
Thoughtfully Crafted Words A collection of poetry by Amreen Shaikh Poet Amreen Shaikh has devised this collection of poems in order to ‚Äúcast happiness and fervour‚ÄĚ into the lives of poetry lovers from every walk of life. She has experimented with an interesting mix of poetry forms, including the Japanese Haiku and Senryu, and the less well known (to… Continue reading Reviewing a Collection of Poems

“Lifetime” in Paper Book Collective

Originally posted on The Paperbook Blog:
Hello everyone. As you might have noticed, I have been appallingly absent from the WordPress halls. You might have also noticed that it is February 5th today. And I am four days late in publishing Issue Seven of The Paperbook Collective. Here is the apology part of the post: I am very sorry! And the thank you: You guys… Continue reading “Lifetime” in Paper Book Collective