The Purple Sponge


It is April and the month of Poetry. April is observed as the National Month of Poetry, also called as NaPoMo. I was keen on dedicating this month to Poetry and write a Poem every day, to celebrate the richness of this art form. I’ve always loved to express myself and Poetry was the best medium for me.


I have known that DP(Daily Post) conducts a writing challenge every week, so I decided to participate in this week and dedicate a poem  to the challenge in regards to Poetry and I was surprised to know that DP too, was celebrating Poetry 🙂 So, here I have written a Poem called “The Purple Sponge”, it is an unusual poem title and the content showcases poetry as a purple sponge, where purple reflects royalty and gives an insight of how if poetry would have only been of the rich, what would life be like.

The Purple Sponge

What if poetry was a purple sponge-
the asset of the royal?
and fine words- 
the legacy of the rich?
Then, thoughts would remain captive 
within the beauty of material pleasures
and the world would be watered
with words wrung
from grandeur dreams.
And true happiness 
would never be invented.

~~~ Amreen B. Shaikh

23 thoughts on “The Purple Sponge

      1. Ohk! You need to write a post (poem) for the challenge and copy the link of the dpchallenge (Daily Post) into your post, this creates a pingback. For your convenience, I will paste the link you need to copy into your post,

        Copy the above link into your post to create a pingback and publish. Tag dpchallenge in your post, so your poem appears in the dpchallenge reader.

        I hope I make sense



      2. I tried to post a poem about my cat on the poetry blog. Has it worked do you think? I pasted the URL you gave me into my text. Hope that’s right?


      3. Hi Amreen
        I still am unable to post a poem on daily poetry! Could you explain where I post my URL please and should it have the date attached like/2014/04/18? Sorry to bother you but wd be grateful for your help! 😉


      4. Hey there! No issues! I would be happy to help:)

        You just have to copy the post link (of the challenge) into your post to create a pingback. And your yest. Poem was featuring in the poems:)

        Let me know how it goes


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