Words & Wisdom: Seeds of deception

  Love and Hate are the phases of life. Some people disguise these emotions and often mislead us, our destiny. we must be careful of what we accept. This poem was formed on the basis of a few prompts and the idea evolved eventually. I’m glad the way it turned out, because it is still what I cherish. What do you think? What are your … Continue reading Words & Wisdom: Seeds of deception

Words & Wisdom: The Purple Sponge

The Purple Sponge was an unconventional attempt. Such ideas doesn’t generate everyday. I was given a number of prompts and we were supposed to write a poem on such unusual keywords. The Purple Sponge instantly clicked with me and the immediate idea which evolved was royalty and power. Hence, the poem came to picture. It was appreciated like no other. What are your thoughts on … Continue reading Words & Wisdom: The Purple Sponge

The Purple Sponge

Greetings! It is April and the month of Poetry. April is observed as the National Month of Poetry, also called as NaPoMo. I was keen on dedicating this month to Poetry and write a Poem every day, to celebrate the richness of this art form. I’ve always loved to express myself and Poetry was the best medium for me. I have known that DP(Daily Post) conducts … Continue reading The Purple Sponge