The box of memories

The box of memories Today when I received a pink little box it seemed so bright and lovely etched with various pictures of innocence it urged me to open the world it has stored within. The box when unraveled, exuded a familiar aroma that reminded me of my childhood years- blissful, innocent and full of laughter. Isn’t it so true that we as adults own … Continue reading The box of memories

Wordless (#ItsStillOkay)

Wordless While I decide to emote my thoughts to the world, ideas overwhelm me- of beauty and hope, despair and sadness. I’m left with sheer void as words refrain to unbottle but to be speechless and wordless at times, is still okay! #ItsStillOkay Continue reading Wordless (#ItsStillOkay)

Words & Wisdom: Seeds of deception

  Love and Hate are the phases of life. Some people disguise these emotions and often mislead us, our destiny. we must be careful of what we accept. This poem was formed on the basis of a few prompts and the idea evolved eventually. I’m glad the way it turned out, because it is still what I cherish. What do you think? What are your … Continue reading Words & Wisdom: Seeds of deception

What inspired me to blog! #inspiredtoblog edition

What inspired me to blog? Well, a sense of determination and liking. It’s my birthday today and what best a topic I could write on than blogging. I believe it takes up most of my time, these days, as I’m growing my following. Apart from teaching and designing, I tend to dedicate most of time in blogging and connecting with like-minded individuals. Blogging is indeed … Continue reading What inspired me to blog! #inspiredtoblog edition

Words & Wisdom: The Purple Sponge

The Purple Sponge was an unconventional attempt. Such ideas doesn’t generate everyday. I was given a number of prompts and we were supposed to write a poem on such unusual keywords. The Purple Sponge instantly clicked with me and the immediate idea which evolved was royalty and power. Hence, the poem came to picture. It was appreciated like no other. What are your thoughts on … Continue reading Words & Wisdom: The Purple Sponge

Words & Wisdom: Chronosynchronic

The word ‘Chronosynchronic‘ means ‘Presenting a person’s life in all the stages through a single piece of art‘. This word was given as a prompt to me for a writing challenge. Every member of the poetry club was assigned a different word. The idea was to write a poem on a large word and I somewhat got fascinated towards this word, because though the word … Continue reading Words & Wisdom: Chronosynchronic

Attention Everyone : It’s your time to support me! :)

Greetings from Paint The World With Words! So as most of you know, I’ve participated in a Short Literary Work Contest and it needs FB (Facebook) votes to win. It is time now to vote! I’m really excited about it. A little nervous too! How to vote: Login to FaceBook Open a new tab and paste this link: My entry is named: amreens44  There will be a text … Continue reading Attention Everyone : It’s your time to support me! 🙂