The box of memories

The box of memories

Paper Boat Drinks

Today when I received a pink little box
it seemed so bright and lovely
etched with various pictures of innocence
it urged me to open the world it has stored within.

The box when unraveled,
exuded a familiar aroma
that reminded me of my childhood years-
blissful, innocent and full of laughter.

Isn’t it so true that we as adults
own that box of memories-
old, beautiful and cherishing
which we tend to relive every now and then?

A childhood which was devoid
of any pain and falsity
but brimmed with love and truth
Oh how I miss those childhood days!

Those perishing castles we build near the shore
the kites which defined our mirth
those outdoor games which talked of our friendships
and those paper boats that we sailed.

How much ever I would describe
my words would fall short
of the blissful memories I own
stored within that pink little box.

Now, every child wishes to live the adolescence
forgetting about the treasure they own
which they would then realize and repent upon
when they would grow old.

Paper Boat Drinks

But, Paper Boat Drinks was my rescue this time
as it helped me relive and remember
those lost days of innocence
that I buried in that pink little box.


This post is written in association with Paper Boat Drinks & the poem is my own work.

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