Skin4Gadgets- Moto G3 Mobile Case Review!

Why not let your best gadgets describe you?

Agree? We all love to show our style and mood in what we wear and speak, isn’t it? Then why not the most integral part of our life- our mobile phone display and reflect our style, our mood and our emotion? I hope that makes sense.

In a mobile phone, the back panel is a way to decorate the phone and also give it some much needed style. When we shop online or even offline for that matter, we are overwhelmed by the most common and regular mobile phone panels. The price and quality too matters while buying. And when we finally decide or conclude on buying the best we liked and order them, the product on arrival doesn’t usually meet our standards and we are disheartened. Usual scenario?

What I did?

Recently, I received an invite from Skin4Gadgets to review one of their products- Mobile Phone Panel.

What is Skin4Gadgets?

Skin4Gadgets is an online store which aims at providing a way to dress up our phones, laptops and tablets. It provides an array of graphics and legendary brushstrokes to choose from. They make sure that our device accessory stands our, making a mark and provides the best quality product for the skin ensuring optimum safety for our gear.

“Mirror an evident streak of your own persona using our unique personalizing tool that is available to design skins for absolutely any of your gizmos.” — Skin4Gadgets

How was their product?

The Mobile Case Cover by Skin4Gadgets

Since they offered me to review their mobile panel, I decided to select one for my Moto G3 device and there were a whole lot of options to select from. The designs are fresh, innovative, trendy and are priced reasonable. I selected one girly design for my phone. The product reached within 2 days of order and the packaging was neat.

The side panel casing is perfectly fitting & prevents dust or any minute particles from getting in.

The quality of the product is immensely good and has a good shine. The product is well designed to not let any dust settle in and it fits well on the phone. And not to forget, the panel design is up to my expectations and lovely. Overall, I liked the product and would suggest everyone to definitely try it out, because they are reliable in terms of quality, design and delivery.

The lovely mobile case cover for my Moto G3

Have you tried Skin4Gadgets before? How was your experience? Do you plan to buy accessories for your mobile from this brand? Share your ideas, views and opinions in the comment section.


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