Words & Wisdom: Chronosynchronic

Chronosynchronic [ String Senryu ]

The word ‘Chronosynchronic‘ means ‘Presenting a person’s life in all the stages through a single piece of art‘. This word was given as a prompt to me for a writing challenge. Every member of the poetry club was assigned a different word. The idea was to write a poem on a large word and I somewhat got fascinated towards this word, because though the word takes a while in understanding the pronunciation, its meaning is profound and deep.

Hence, this small poem was born, and it depicts the fact that no human’s life stage stays forever and hence, we must learn the message to live in the moment and enjoy it the optimum.

What are your thoughts on this piece? Do you have ideas to share? I’d like to know 🙂

Share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section or even a simple appreciation. I’d appreciate.


15 thoughts on “Words & Wisdom: Chronosynchronic

  1. This was great read Amreen.
    By the way, you have a beautiful blog. Next year I was planning in releasing a poetry book, still have no idea exactly how I´m going to do it, be it through amazon, linkedn, e-book, I really a caveman when it gets to the world of social media-internet. If you have time, since you´re an It professional it would be great if once I figured out how to publish the book, I would like to improve my blog. We can talk about fee´s later on, just letting you know that I would truly appreciate it if next month you could help me on improving my blog.

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    1. Thank you! Don’t hurry up on the poetry book thing if u aren’t knowing the basics. Figure out on things which suits u the best. By the time, you can work on compilation of poems and the design of the book and other such things. If you’re planning to improvise your blog design, we can discuss more via mail. Contact me on akatheversatile@gmail.com


      1. I got the poetry book done and edited, the problema is I have no idea as to what type of outlets there are and how to format the book.
        Since one of my next year resolution is to improve the bog, I will certainly contact you by mail. And thank you.


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