What’s your WhatsApp Status today?

What’s your WhatsApp status today? WhatsApp is a crucial part of our social life, as it helps in sharing of messages, photos, audios and videos. People use it as a common mode of social communication. WhatsApp has one interesting feature which enables one to flaunt their status message to represent or express their mood and it has achieved a progressive interest among the social bees. … Continue reading What’s your WhatsApp Status today?

What inspired me to blog! #inspiredtoblog edition

What inspired me to blog? Well, a sense of determination and liking. It’s my birthday today and what best a topic I could write on than blogging. I believe it takes up most of my time, these days, as I’m growing my following. Apart from teaching and designing, I tend to dedicate most of time in blogging and connecting with like-minded individuals. Blogging is indeed … Continue reading What inspired me to blog! #inspiredtoblog edition

Words & Wisdom: Chronosynchronic

The word ‘Chronosynchronic‘ means ‘Presenting a person’s life in all the stages through a single piece of art‘. This word was given as a prompt to me for a writing challenge. Every member of the poetry club was assigned a different word. The idea was to write a poem on a large word and I somewhat got fascinated towards this word, because though the word … Continue reading Words & Wisdom: Chronosynchronic

Reviewing a Collection of Poems

Originally posted on Born Again Writer:
Thoughtfully Crafted Words A collection of poetry by Amreen Shaikh Poet Amreen Shaikh has devised this collection of poems in order to “cast happiness and fervour” into the lives of poetry lovers from every walk of life. She has experimented with an interesting mix of poetry forms, including the Japanese Haiku and Senryu, and the less well known (to… Continue reading Reviewing a Collection of Poems

Another Key to Success – Self Confidence

“Another Key to Success – Self Confidence” – Sarah Delk From the quietly confident doctor whose advice we rely on to the charismatic confidence of inspiring speakers it is self confidence which is the mantra for success. Self confident people have qualities which everyone admires and desires to possess. Self confidence is extremely important in every aspect of our lives be it the simple task … Continue reading Another Key to Success – Self Confidence

“Lifetime” in Paper Book Collective

Originally posted on The Paperbook Blog:
Hello everyone. As you might have noticed, I have been appallingly absent from the WordPress halls. You might have also noticed that it is February 5th today. And I am four days late in publishing Issue Seven of The Paperbook Collective. Here is the apology part of the post: I am very sorry! And the thank you: You guys… Continue reading “Lifetime” in Paper Book Collective

Paint the World’s new feature- Guest Posts

Dear Readers, friends & fellow bloggers! I feel great to share this post with you all lovelies out there, as I think of starting my new Venture/Feature/Add-on/Section in my blog- Guest Posts. Yes! I very well know that this world is so full of ideas, creativity & that everyone of us has a voice to share! So, at PTWWW, I offer you all an opportunity … Continue reading Paint the World’s new feature- Guest Posts

My Entry for CR’s PWC #20

Harmonious picteresque We all wish to be at a place which is filled with utter peace when we have a sabbatical. We wish to regain the liveliness in ourselves and boost our determinations which can be achieved when life is immersed in subtle tranquil. A place under the sun, showered with soft rays of the sun which pierce their existence through thick clouds of snow … Continue reading My Entry for CR’s PWC #20