The Kite Runner!

He flies his tattered kite and runs barefoot through the pavement. The summer shines on his innocence as he smiles his way to assist his poor father in his rag picking work. Despite the hardwork, they are paid in alms. He accepts the gift of hardwork with a smile. His father gives his semi-orphan child a penny to dwell for the day. He runs with … Continue reading The Kite Runner!

Grandpa told the best stories

Grandpa told the best stories Winter was born amidst the autumn air and virgin snow crept itself above the numb pathways. So was grandpa! He was growing old too, like an aged autumn and the weakness his body was draped with portrayed the dullness painted by the winds of December. This wasn’t the reality some time back! he was merrier his smile exuded the beauty … Continue reading Grandpa told the best stories

DP Challenge – Snapshots #3

Its Day 3 of DP Weekly Challenge – Snapshots and to be frank, this activity is indeed a good one! It makes one ponder upon a special moment with more love and gives one a chance to relive it with words. Good Times [Senryu] Hearts brimmed with mirth and faces masked with chirpy smiles a happy moment. ~~~ Amreen B. Shaikh Continue reading DP Challenge – Snapshots #3

DP Challenge – Snapshots #2

For post #2 of writing the DP challenge, I feel writing a haiku is one of the best poetry forms to describe an event or a scene. I am always so fond of Haiku and the beauty behind writing it, despite its short length, it is one of the most critical form to write, for, every word, in fact, every syllable must count, as long … Continue reading DP Challenge – Snapshots #2

My Entry for CR’s PWC #20

Harmonious picteresque We all wish to be at a place which is filled with utter peace when we have a sabbatical. We wish to regain the liveliness in ourselves and boost our determinations which can be achieved when life is immersed in subtle tranquil. A place under the sun, showered with soft rays of the sun which pierce their existence through thick clouds of snow … Continue reading My Entry for CR’s PWC #20