Another Key to Success – Self Confidence

“Another Key to Success – Self Confidence”

– Sarah Delk

From the quietly confident doctor whose advice we rely on to the charismatic confidence of inspiring speakers it is self confidence which is the mantra for success. Self confident people have qualities which everyone admires and desires to possess. Self confidence is extremely important in every aspect of our lives be it the simple task of riding a bicycle to the major decisions like establishing administrative offices. People who lack self confidence can find it difficult to become successful. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that self confidence equals success.

Most people will be reluctant to back a project which is left behind or discarded by someone who was nervous, fumbling and overly apologetic. On the other hand, people will get inspired by someone who speaks clearly and confidently, who answers questions convincingly, who always holds his or her head high, and who admits when he or she does not know something. In other words, self confident people instill confidence in others: their audience, their peers, their bosses, their customers, their family and their friends. Your level of self confidence will be seen through your behavior, your body language, how you speak and what you speak so on and so forth.

Two main things contribute to self confidence: self-efficacy and self esteem.

We gain a sense of self efficacy when we see ourselves mastering skills and achieving goals that matter in those skill areas. This is the confidence we get by which we feel that if we work hard we will become successful and this is exactly what helps people take on challenges and be steady during the period of setbacks. This nearly overlaps with the idea of self esteem, which is a more general sense that we can cope with what is happening our lives and we have a right to be happy. This also indicates that we are behaving virtuously and we are competent at what we do and we can compete successfully when we put our minds to it.

Building self confidence is readily achievable as long as you have the focus and determination to carry things through the thick and thin of life. The things you do to build self confidence will work towards making you successful. No one can take away your self confidence for sure. Mentally building self confidence is a journey in which the step to be taken is to be prepared for the journey towards self confidence. There is not quick fix or a solution to achieve self confidence, rather one has to go through the process and then acquire it. In preparing for the journey the following steps are very much essential:

  • Look at what you have already achieved: This is where you should think of your life so far and list the best things you did- perhaps you stood first in an important exam or did something that played a key role in someone else’s life etc. You need to have these things handy and keep looking at them every now and then to remind yourselves of what you are capable of.
  • Think about your strengths, not weaknesses: Take a look at who and where you are. Often your friends and colleagues would admire you for some great quality you hold in you. You need to have a few moments of refreshness and comfort reflecting on those moments.
  • Think about what is important to you and where you want to go: Think about the things that are really important to you and the things you want to do in the near future. Setting and achieving goals is a major part of this. Goal setting is the process in which you set some targets for yourself and measure your successful hitting of those targets.
  • Start managing your mind: Learn to spot and defeat the negative talk you have with your own self which could destroy your self confidence. Create some strong images of what you will feel on achieving your goals. There is something about doing this that makes even achieving major goals seem quite achievable.
  • Commit yourself to success: The final part of preparing for the journey is to make a clear and unequivocal to yourself that you are absolutely committed to your journey and you will do all in your power to achieve it.

Sky is the limit and nothing stops you from achieving the GOALS of your life if you are self confident. GO AHEAD!

About Sarah:

I’m Sarah, a freelance content writer. Currently I’m working for, an academic writing service with many skilled essay freelance professionals. I love to write about effective ideas to help students to improve on their own.

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6 thoughts on “Another Key to Success – Self Confidence

  1. Very interesting and helpful post. I had a few questions, How do you stop yourself when your self confidence jumps off the wall and becomes utter arrogance? Also, should you use a ‘don’t care’ attitude when dealing with negative feedback?


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