How you can be assured of good health and life! #IfsOfLife

Let me tell you the story of Rajesh! He is a 35 year old, jovial person working in a reputed IT firm. He is married and has a 2 year old kid. Once during holidays, they were travelling at Mahabaleshwar and met with an accident. Though, the others survived with minor injuries, Rajesh, who was driving the car got injured badly and was required to amputate … Continue reading How you can be assured of good health and life! #IfsOfLife

Bajaj Allianz launches new products in insurance plans and wellness: A sneak peek

Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy. Just an anonymous quote that I stumbled online. It doesn’t matter who quoted it, but what matters is what intrigues you while you read it. Once mature, a person apart from being a good decision maker between right and wrong in a situation, must also be responsible, right? Responsibility isn’t just limited to oneself … Continue reading Bajaj Allianz launches new products in insurance plans and wellness: A sneak peek

What’s your WhatsApp Status today?

What’s your WhatsApp status today? WhatsApp is a crucial part of our social life, as it helps in sharing of messages, photos, audios and videos. People use it as a common mode of social communication. WhatsApp has one interesting feature which enables one to flaunt their status message to represent or express their mood and it has achieved a progressive interest among the social bees. … Continue reading What’s your WhatsApp Status today?

The McCainlicious #McCainSnackParty with Karisma Kapoor!

15th December was an eventful day! I had 2 different events to attend- #SugarFreeDessertChallenge in the Morning and #McCainSnackParty in the evening. I was apparently very excited for both and wanted to enjoy. After the memorable morning event at Yellow Chilli, I headed over to Hyatt Regency for the McCain Event. I was more excited as I was going to meet Karisma Kapoor, who has been … Continue reading The McCainlicious #McCainSnackParty with Karisma Kapoor!

The City of dreams- Mumbai!

Ae dil hai mushkil jeena yaha zara hat ke, zara bach ke ye hai Mumbai meri jaan. Indeed! If at all, I am ever asked this question, what fascinates me the most about this country, it would definitely be my city- Mumbai. I’ve been born and brought up in this city of dreams, where even acquaintances play an integral role in our lives. It is rightly … Continue reading The City of dreams- Mumbai!

Words & Wisdom- Building an attitude for life!

Our attitude is more than our personality, it defines us. And having a perfect attitude towards things signifies a perfect life. In many ways, our attitude defines our destiny. Our lives are full of ups and downs, but our attitude defines how we live them. An attitude of becoming a learner from our struggles and failures will make us perfect and an attitude to appreciate … Continue reading Words & Wisdom- Building an attitude for life!

Words & Wisdom- The End

This life and its course is temporary. Nothing in life is permanent, isn’t it? Then, why do we degrade our lives and fall into despair when we fail, despite knowing the fact that it is short-lived? Let’s give it a thought! What are your thoughts about failure? Do you believe in the notion of ‘Failure is the stepping stone to progress’ or are you the … Continue reading Words & Wisdom- The End

The Chain Smoker!

I was present at the zoo amongst many amused people- laughing and giggling, taking photos and videos, their faces turning red with laughter. The entire environment was hilarious and jolly! For? A huge, captive chimp named Charlie was smoking cigarettes thrown within his enclosure by visitors. He is a chain smoker. How did it began? His caretaker told us that he developed this habit a few years back, … Continue reading The Chain Smoker!

Page no. 76

She was seated near the window and breathing in the fresh air, which touched her skin every now and then. Opening her bag placed next to her, she pulled out her diary and flipped through the pages, to stop across a page where a pressed, dried rose adorned as a bookmark. She felt its crisp, wrinkled petals which crushed into bits with every caress. Keeping it aside, … Continue reading Page no. 76