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She was seated near the window and breathing in the fresh air, which touched her skin every now and then. Opening her bag placed next to her, she pulled out her diary and flipped through the pages, to stop across a page where a pressed, dried rose adorned as a bookmark. She felt its crisp, wrinkled petals which crushed into bits with every caress. Keeping it aside, she read through the lines of the page- words and sentences, stained by the wrinkled rose.

The page was numbered 76 on the bottom margin. She started reading,

Sunday, 27th October, 2012

What if Life gives me a second chance? Yes, the one, I always wanted. There are so many buried wishes within my soul, which I wish could see the light of the day and brim my heart with content. I’ve always been a people’s person, giving up things to suit their needs, to bring a smile on their face. But, what if God gives me a chance to make a few wishes of mine to come true, to be accomplished, to be fulfilled?

If I get a chance, a second one, I would definitely wish to study Medical Science and become a successful Doctor. Being a Web Designer and making great WordPress sites and themes is my passion and something I like. It isn’t that I dislike my job, I love it! But, if I would have been given a second chance to study and desire to take up another profession, it would definitely be a Doctor. Well, why? Because, it has always been my father’s wish that since I was the most bright child of the family, an obedient, clever, smart and helpful kid, he had this wish that I would opt for Medical Science after my High School. But, I always had this inner fright of not messing up with living things or chemicals for that matter. I somewhat disliked to study or examine living objects or fidget with them. So, I ended up taking Computers and liked to build programs, think logically. 

It is till now that my Father says when I leave for work or when he visits a Doctor when unwell, that it would have been great if you would have been a Doctor, I must have felt more proud of you! So, definitely for him, I’ve this wish in me that if I get a second chance to study again and pursue another profession, it would definitely be Medical Science.

Another wish close to my heart was to become a sports player, just any stream. I have always been an active player in my school for Handball, Marching and Racing. I was always excited to participate and win certificates or trophies for my school, as it made me more confident and proud. I stopped playing when I was in University. It was because I was taken up by assignments, projects, internals and presentations to complete, that my desire to play sports somewhat took a back seat. I mainly wanted to play sports because I wanted to compete at International Level with other countries, so I could have won pride and name for my country. When I see movies like Chak de or Mary Kom, I feel, I could have been there for real, making my country proud. So definitely, if I get a second chance, I would take up a sport and play it with heart to only bring pride and honor for my country.

If I get a second chance, I would definitely wish to live my life to the fullest, be happy, share love and not take it for granted. When I was diagnosed with an Autoimmune disease a year back and lived a life of restrictions and despair, those were the moments when I realized that I wish I would have smiled a little more, been a little more kind, shared a little more love, made more friends, given happiness to the less privileged. Life is beautiful and health is a gem. We take it for granted and overlook the beauty and happiness that every aspect of life has in it. We fail to realize that how wonderful and precious a healthy life is and don’t live it to the fullest. This soul and body are the most beautiful gifts bestowed on us by the Lord and hurting it is unfair. So, if I would have got a second chance, I would live my life and my future to the fullest and explored the beauty it has in store for me!

Don’t I feel content after listing my wishes, which I wish, I wish, would come true someday! But, if I really want them to happen, I must act upon them and make them happen, for I am responsible for my own happiness.

Destiny is not defined
by the outcome of events
but by the attitude we own

As a good destiny cannot
bring waves of happiness
on the sand of life
unless we feel content.

And a bad destiny cannot
perch the birds of sorrow
on the nest of life
until we are optimistic…

So life is just
a matter of attitude
we live it right
we get it right….

She closed the diary, but had a smile on her face. It felt as if the content in her heart was reflected in her smile. Those words in the diary were like a wave of refreshment and encouragement to her, which washed off the sadness her heart owned. Isn’t it true that sometimes, unaccomplished wishes can give us a pat of encouragement to fulfil them and make our life more beautiful?

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