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Quikr is one of the largest online classifieds market in India. It has helped buyers and sellers to perform and execute transactions in a smooth fashion and easily. Quikr is easy to use, simple and a quick mode of transaction. With Quikr Mobile Application, the buying and selling transactions became more user friendly and flexible, allowing users to perform the transactions whenever and wherever they are. I’ve already used Quikr in one of my previous transaction. You can read about it here.

Now, with the advent of Quikr NXT, Quikr has made it easier and functional for the end users to perform their transactions.

Quikr NXT is responsive, friendly and a smart add on to Quikr, as it can enable users (buyers and sellers) to execute and perform the buying and selling of products on Laptops, Personal Computers, Mobile Phones or Tablet PCs. This way, Quikr has provided us with a more flexible and smarter approach to transact.

Quikr NXT provides a chat system to its end users, which is safe, smart and easy to use. An application or interface which caters to these needs are always a success and Quikr NXT has strived to provide its users with these facilities.

Why would I use Quikr NXT? What benefits and facilities it has for it’s users and why would I prefer chat over phone calls?

The best thing about Quikr NXT is that it is responsive and we can access the chats from mobile phones, tablet PCs, Laptops and Computers, unlike phone calls. The Quikr NXT has chat facility which is flexible and not restricted or limited to mobile phones, unlike phone calls.

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Well, Quikr NXT has a simple, smart, friendly and easy to use interface, which enables one to use it easily and get adapted to it. Quikr NXT allows number privacy, which one does not get on phone calls. Ideally, we have to save numbers when we want to call a person or contact them for either buying or selling. This way, our number is shared with them, even though we do no want them to have it. But, with Quikr NXT, we can apply for privacy of our number, which makes our contact number private and hence our numbers are not shared with others, even while we chat. This is one of the best features available with Quikr NXT which allows complete privacy.

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When calling, we cannot communicate with multiple prospects at the same time and hence may miss out on better deals. But, with Quikr NXT, we can communicate with multiple prospects at the same time and chose from them the best deal for our product. This way, we can never miss out on best transactions and also, we can monitor and control our transaction.

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It may happen that we may forget or may lose out on what we had talked about the product on the phone. This may lead to missing out on a lot of important information. But, Quikr NXT provides chat history, which retains all our past chat details and summary, thus helping us to keep a track of our transactions and contacts.

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With Quikr NXT, we can share photos or images of the products to verify their quality. This feature is unavailable on phone calls. Sharing of photos can help us see the product and also its details and quality.

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Other benefits and features available with Quikr NXT over phone calls are that one can delete or block unwanted chats and access all the chats at one place.

Quikr with the launch of Quikr NXT has come a step forward to cater to the needs of the end users and make the process of selling and buying more safe, flexible, user friendly and reliable!

This post is written for Indiblogger Happy Hour in association with Quikr NXT

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