Bajaj Allianz launches new products in insurance plans and wellness: A sneak peek

Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy.

Just an anonymous quote that I stumbled online. It doesn’t matter who quoted it, but what matters is what intrigues you while you read it. Once mature, a person apart from being a good decision maker between right and wrong in a situation, must also be responsible, right? Responsibility isn’t just limited to oneself and one’s actions but to the ones we love.

When we think of securing and building something for our family, the word, “insurance” or “finance” immediately pops up in our mind. But, we understand how one single initiation to insurance would land us into irrelevant calls and SMSes from any concerned bank. What if there is a way where we are the boss and we ourselves decide on to build an insurance plan, suiting our specifications, with a few clicks and within the comfort of our home?


Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance – a leading insurance solutions that cater to every segment and age-income profiles, is coming up with an online term plan that can be a life-changing solution for individuals. Apart from that, this plan would also cover the risks of dreaded and crucial diseases that one can encounter in an uncertain life. This plan will not only ensure a hassle-free registration and selection of plan, but will also provide seamless flow of financial planning.

While we are being responsible towards others, we must not neglect the value of our self-being and health. It is a common saying that health is wealth and one only realises the value of it, when one becomes unhealthy. Staying fit and healthy is the need of the hour, amid all the chaos that one undergoes in everyday life, from work to house to social life.

Bajaj Allianz has developed one such endeavor which is customized to our fitness and wellness needs and helps us track and maintain our fitness levels. Isn’t that worth a try? Don’t we all desire a healthy and fit life?

With the #IfsOfLife campaign, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance enables an individual to eliminate the ‘ifs’ of their life and encourages one to live life without any problems and tensions. It also enables one to think of their own betterment while being of service to their loved ones and living a risk-free life.

I believe that these new products by Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance are a breakthrough in Financial Security and Wellness and I look forward to learning more about them during their product launch on 23rd December, 2016, this Friday. You can also stay updated with the event and product highlights through their Twitter handle @BajajAllianzLIC and #IfsOfLife.

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