The City of dreams- Mumbai!

Ae dil hai mushkil jeena yaha
zara hat ke, zara bach ke
ye hai Mumbai meri jaan.

Indeed! If at all, I am ever asked this question, what fascinates me the most about this country, it would definitely be my city- Mumbai. I’ve been born and brought up in this city of dreams, where even acquaintances play an integral role in our lives. It is rightly said that wherever we may go, whatever destination we may appreciate, there is indeed no place like home. And for me, no other city, hill station, scenic place adds value more than Mumbai.

Mumbai- The city that never sleeps.

Truly, I have experienced this for myself. There are days when I attend late night occasions, festivities or events, and when we would drive through those narrow lanes, which my city boasts of, I assure you, you won’t feel alone, because there will be at least one rickshaw-wala trying to overtake you, so he could reach his destination quickly.

In fact, recently, with the addition of international festivals to our culture, Mumbai celebrates Halloween, Black Friday apart from the much awaited festivals like Diwali, Navratri, Ganesh Chaturthi, Holi, Christmas, Eid, Urus when the roads are lit up with lights and fun throughout the night. During Diwali and Chaturthi, puja takes place during night. During Navratri, people dress in colorful attire, every night and indulge in a mesmerizing dance affair.

Mumbai is indeed lively, bright and colorful in almost every month and the roads are ever devoid of tranquil.

Experience Monsoon in Mumbai and you will
never feel like going to any other place in the world.

Mumbai is a diverse city with unexpected turns, because you may be at times, overwhelmed by the scenic beauty and design that it withholds, and at times, be completely distressed by the unfortunate events that may take place. The city is an amalgamation of cultural heritage and some of the known industrial parks in India, whereas it also boasts of the large spread of rural life.

The pavements are flooded with rural life and so are the most renowned areas surrounded with poverty. Such is the intricate lifestyle of Mumbai, which we still love and admire.

More dreams are realized
and extinguished in Mumbai
than any other place in India.

Just anyone would agree to this. There are veteran actors who would confess their journey to Stardom through the city of dreams- Mumbai. In fact, my grandpa too, owns a story of Mumbai, of how he left his native to live in this city and settle for a life. I believe, he did achieved what he desired. That’s the story of many such aspirants of Mumbai.

Mumbai, I believe is the connector of dreams to reality. People die to come here and make a living, the prominent reason behind the over-population here. Many don’t succeed, but a lot of them indeed connect their dreams to reality, here.

Next time, you wish to revisit the beauty of Mumbai and experience its essence, just take a long drive through the intricately laid roads which define the true design of this city and encounter the spirit of this city, as you connect with it, each moment of your journey.

Once you lived in Mumbai and made it your home, no place is good enough.

Quotes sourced from Google.

2 thoughts on “The City of dreams- Mumbai!

  1. Mumbai……rings buzyness in my ears – heavy traffic, garbage all around, jam-packed metro trains! But I like the spirit in people to push forward through every minute of their lives, like the rickshaw walla you had mentioned. And there’s an underlying warmth in Mumbai which makes it lot different from Delhi.

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