How you can be assured of good health and life! #IfsOfLife

Let me tell you the story of Rajesh! He is a 35 year old, jovial person working in a reputed IT firm. He is married and has a 2 year old kid. Once during holidays, they were travelling at Mahabaleshwar and met with an accident. Though, the others survived with minor injuries, Rajesh, who was driving the car got injured badly and was required to amputate his left leg to the knee.

A wonderful life, family, work and social life. All comes to a halt with just a sudden change and brings you the path of “What Ifs?”! Isn’t it so true?

Just like Rajesh, we all are leading normal lives and enjoying the beauty of it, but do we think of those uncalled-for events which turn you life into a space of What-Ifs? Just like the high life expectancy rate increasing throughout the world, thanks to increased number of hospital and medical facilities, we cannot neglect the uncertainties of life that is taking a toll on our lives. With new trends and new innovations, a lot of lives are falling into the pit of deaths, suicides and diseases. There was a time when there were less urban development and infrastructure and so was the death rate proportional.

Are we prepared for the uncertain? Do we have a backup plan to rescue ourselves from the hollows of What Ifs?

I do! Till a few days back, I wasn’t much sure about how to juggle the #IfsOfLife, but now I do! How? On 23rd December, 2016, I attended the Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Bloggers Meet when the team launched 2 revolutionary products- eTouch Online Term Plan and B-Fit Wellness App.

What’s the eTouch Online Term Plan?

It is a regular premium payment term plan which is maintained online by individuals.

Why eTouch?

  • A customized plan which determines the annual premium based on individual’s age, gender, profession, total sum assured and other factors.
  • Comes in 4 variants-
    1. Shield – Life + WOP (on occurence of ATPD)
    2. Shield Plus – Life + ATPD + WOP (on occurence of ATPD)
    3. Shield Super – Life + ADB + ATPD + WOP (on occurence of ATPD) and
    4. Shield Supreme – Life, ACI, ATPDB + WOP (on occurence of ATPD or CI)
  • Comprehensive protection with option to cover total disability, accidental death, pure term and illnesses and death
  • Covers 34 critical illnesses
  • Inbuilt waiver of Premium benefit
  • Competitive premium rates
  • Maximum age of maturity is 75 years
  • Option to receive policy proceeds in five ways:
    1. 100% as lump sum
    2. 100% as level monthly installment
    3. 100% as increasing monthly installment
    4. 50% as lump sum and remaining in level monthly installment
    5. 50% as lump sum and remaining in increasing monthly installment
  • Lower premium rates for leading healthy lifestyle for non-tobacco users

For example, if I am 25 years of age and select the Bajaj Allianz Life eTouch ‘Shield’ with a policy term of 30 years and sum assured of INR 1 crore, I’m entitled to pay an annual premium of INR 6,642 after a HSAR of INR 1,287, which is INR 18 per day. 

With eTouch, one can safeguard the happiness of their loved ones and give them a better future, while being completely relaxed of the #WhatIfs of life.

The second product reveal by Bajaj Allianz during the meet was the B-Fit Wellness App. While I watching the AV of the product, I felt as if it was designed for me or just anyone else. We all neglect the value and essence of health in our lives. With the fast-paced life and work, we are motivated to work more and harder, but seldom do we invest in health, isn’t it? We tend to put our work before our health, but not anymore!

With the B-Fit Wellness App, one can be assured of their health and stay motivated. How, well I have a many reasons to give.

Why B-Fit Wellness App?

  • A mobile app designed to keep you healthy and fit while rewarding you with vantage points for being healthy
  • Set goals for gaining, losing or maintaining your weight
  • Daily challenges given to complete
  • Automatically tracks your activities and rewards you for achieving the target

How does it help?

  • A Monitor Diary to keep a track of calories intake
  • Food Guide to track all our food habits & recommend food for a healthy lifestyle. Get options of food with attached nutritional values
  • Step Tracker to count steps you take while also keeping a tab of burned calories
  • Health Profile with data entered by us and recommendations by experts based on them
  • Personalized Health Content comprising of curated articles and videos to motivate your healthy life

Do I have more in store?

  • Gamified Challenges
  • Discounts on Nutritionist
  • Diagnostic Appointments
  • Health Vault
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Doctor Consultations
  • Trainers
  • Hobby Classes

Aren’t you feeling assured about your life cover and health already? Don’t you feel the need to invest in these products in your life and lead a more relaxed and healthy life, while being of good to yourself and your family? Share your ideas and views about the same in the comment section.

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