6 Fashion Trends to look forward to in 2017! #women

People will stare. Make it worth their while!
~~~ Harry Winston

Isn’t this quote encouraging enough to be glamorous and positive every moment? While a few days ago, we left behind a year of ups and downs, this new year has dawned before us to take up fresh adventures, agree?

Like in every sphere, style and fashion also needs to be updated every now and then. And before you plunge in for seeking what’s in for your fashion wardrobe, I’ve curated a list of Essential Fashion Trends in 2017, so you can make a style check, easy peasy? Let’s get started!


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  1. Pink is going to reign over

While ‘Green’ is declared as the Pantone Color of the Year, Pink is reigning the fashion charts. As many of us have developed a growing fetish for pink shades in lipsticks and lip-colors, the color finds its way into the style arena, as well. Hence, buying a dress or top or a tunic in shades of pink is a great idea.


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2. Ruff Stuff

This layering trend which exudes feminism will be growing strong in fashion and anything from off-shoulder soft ruffles top to a ruffled hemline would add to your glamour statement and keep you in trend.


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3. Say it out

Now you have a better option to speak your heart out for any of those women campaigns. How? The slogan or quoted Tees or crop tops are slowing becoming trendy and adorable too.


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4. Crochet it

Crochets are still very in and a breath of fresh air. One can experiment with numerous options like crop tops, tees, shirts or dresses. The look will not let you down.


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5. Spot it out

While this trend has always played a hide-and-seek role in fashion, with the style being in and out of fashion every now and then, it has come this time to stay for long. Why not experiment with your old polka dots’ tee you were about to flush out of your wardrobe?


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6. Stripe it out!

Stripes are always considered in the formal zone of fashion, but who can deny the enamor that it gives in even a casual look? Try experimenting with over-sized shirts to various colors from the staple black and blue and see the magic, okay?

Now that you are well-versed with some of the fashion trends of 2017, will you like to share what’s your favorite from these? Also, if you like the post, why not hang in for a few moments more and share your thoughts on it in the comment section. I will be thankful! Till then stay tuned for more blogs.

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