The Chain Smoker!

Photo Courtesy : Writers' Ezine
Photo Courtesy : Writers’ Ezine

I was present at the zoo amongst many amused people-
laughing and giggling, taking photos and videos,
their faces turning red with laughter.
The entire environment was hilarious and jolly!


A huge, captive chimp named Charlie
was smoking cigarettes
thrown within his enclosure by visitors.
He is a chain smoker.

How did it began?

His caretaker told us that he developed this habit a few years back,
when he saw his smoking visitors and aped their gestures
by smoking through lit cigarette butts thrown by them
within his enclosure. He enjoyed those tobacco puffs.

When he sees people smoke in front of his fold,
he would beg them by making funny voices
and if a visitor would toss one his way,
he would grin in happiness and take few puffs while sitting on the grass or a stump.

Smoking is injurious to him. Can’t this act be stopped?

The caretaker replied with a negative nod,
“Who will keep the visitors entertained?
He is the heart of this zoo and
we really need him for our zoo’s survival.”

Entertainment, Amusement, fun in exchange of a life?

Humanity and its unhealthy habits
influenced not only their peers and the young
but also speechless wildlife,
silently taking away the freedom and happiness they deserve!

What if it wasn’t Charlie, but your child?
would you do the same to him?

This post has been written for Prompt of the Month; a feature of Writer’s Ezine

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