I #ChooseToStart a village education program with Moto E

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Life is a series of change
and the end of each story
signals a new beginning.
Like life progresses with every dawn
and witnesses the beauty perched in it
smart technology only complements and
 brims it with variant and vivid colors.

I was recently on an educational trip called “Literacy Camp for the under-privileged”, organized by my college in Pune. It was a 3 day event and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The mission of the Camp was to use technology in education and coming up with creative ideas to teach the villagers. We all are aware of the standard methods of Educating and also creating awareness. But, our college decided to appoint a group of 5 students and generate revolutionary and creative methods of teaching and creating awareness. It was a Technology integrated Educative Learning Program.

Photo Courtesy: http://www.startwithmotoe.com/
Photo Courtesy: http://www.startwithmotoe.com/

The students decided on using “Smart Phones” as a tool for the Entire Campaign. Technology is power and we want to completely use that notion and bring about a change. Standard methods are stale and using a technology like “Smart phones” was unique and interesting. Hence we were given a Moto E smart phone each for the Camp. I was very excited about the same. The phone is light-weight with 4.5 qHD display and fits well in the palm due to its signature design of a curved back, thus allowing us to maintain a perfect grip. It has an amazing set of 7 color bands with a ridged pattern for grip and we could change the phone’s accent color depending on our mood and style.

Photo Courtesy : androidsis.com
Photo Courtesy : androidsis.com

We began our new journey with Moto E- a journey to educate and that too with amazing technology. When we reached the village at Pune, we were greeted with love. Every morning, we had a presentation to inform the masses about the need of basic education and cleanliness. This couldn’t have been possible without Moto E. We connected the phone through a portable connector to a projector and instructed them. A presentation with images and videos was easy to understand for them. They enjoyed the entire experience and affirmed that they would better the cleanliness of the village. There were visible results.

Apart from basic education, we taught the village kids English and Maths through mobile applications downloaded on the phone. The phone has an internal memory of 8GB and hence it was comfortable in downloading a couple of applications for teaching purpose. The phone has a good quality speaker which was audible among the children and didn’t hinder us from having fun learning.

The English sessions included rhythmic Alphabets, simple words and few oral sentences. The children were mirthful and exuded sheer content when they were able to spell their names and read words. We captured their smiles on our smart phones, which has a 5 MP Camera with autofocus and helped us freeze beautiful memories with us in clear display.

We stayed at Madhav Kaka’s house, who was the Head of the village and a humble person. Her wife, Savatri was loveable and she made us delicious village food. Once, we taught her and some of her friends, a noodle dish through YouTube, where we used maggi, some vegetables and corn to prepare a healthy and tasty afternoon snack. We spent great time with the villagers.

We took a lot of pictures in the village. There were pictures of us giving lectures, having food in the villagers’ home, playing in the field with the kids and chilling in our free time in the village lake. We geo-tagged each of our photos for our Project’s Documentation. Hence, we could keep a track of the time, date and location by inscriptions on the images. This feature of the Smart phone was cool!

There was a time when I carelessly dropped the phone while trying to put it in my bag. But, with a display protection of Corning Gorilla Glass 3, the phone was prevented from developing cracks or lines. Also, the phone has a smart oleophobic coating which imparts an exceptional lubricity to the touch screen and gives it a “slick feel” that eases its use.

During Night, we had a bonfire time with the villagers, where we played entertaining Bollywood songs on our phones, sometimes, through Radio and sometimes through the Music System installed on our mobile. Young girls and boys were dancing with immense joy and we recorded their steps on our phone in high definition videos. We rarely charged our mobile phones during the entire journey as it has a Li-Ion 2390 mAh battery, which signals a long battery life and hence our sessions and entertainment remained uninterrupted.

On the last day, we went on a long walk with the villagers. We used our Mobile phone’s GPS system which is equipped with GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System) to locate the temples and places of sight seeing. The villagers learned our technical methods too, and enjoyed it as well. With a Snapdragon processor, I was able to multi-task on my phone.

While leaving, we clicked a group selfie with the villagers on our phone. Moto E has a wonderful feature of Quick Capture, which launches the primary camera with the twist of our wrist and twisting twice switches to the front-facing camera.

The entire journey was thrilling and beautiful. I feel it wouldn’t have been this wonderful and amazing without Moto E and its amazing features. I am proud of my entire journey and proud of my Moto E, which made me live this new journey with a million smiles.

Together we taught
together we liberalized thoughts
together we had fun
together we enjoyed nature under the sun!
Together we laughed and together we lived memories
I found a friend in you- Moto E and without you, my journey would’ve been empty.
You may be just a technology for everyone
but in you, I found a complete new friend!

I #ChooseToStart my Village Education Program with Moto E, what about you?

To know more about this wonderful phone, visit here

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