Life’s simple pleasures!

Happiness doesn’t need reasons, unless we build this notion and attitude in our lives. Million dollar dreams and this worldly life is not really happiness and a materialistic life is definitely not true happiness. For me, simple things in life bring happiness. Simple smiles, words of praise, a cup of tea- these are the few things which make me happy and make my day.

If we limit our thinking to attain happiness only through a certain thing, then happiness will never find us and we may live a life of distress. Hence, I try and find happiness in the small things in my life, to be content and mirthful. This helps me to stay away from despair and pessimism.

I believe that when we give happiness to others, happiness comes to us and this is true indeed. I always try to help people in distress and sadness, and when they achieve happiness, it isn’t only theirs, it is mine too. I feel that it is shared happiness.

I love my tea time. It is a time when I indulge in blank thoughts, and in fact, I like it. A cup of hot tea during the morning and afternoon is priceless. I enjoy that blessed time, which is completely mine.

Every weekend, I love to visit my grandparents and spend some quality time with them. They always love my presence and I share with them about the happenings in my life. They in return, share with me, about their life and present their advice to me when I need it. I always visit them because the twinkle in their eyes when they see me, fills my heart and soul with an unknown happiness and content.

Prayers are beautiful! Hope and optimism are not necessarily attained through someone or their advice, but through prayers too. I like spending some time in remembering him and thanking him for his countless blessings as it gives me some moments of relaxation. I gain a lot of hope and tranquillity when I think of him. I try and spend time daily in remembrance of my Almighty, for it is my source of inspiration, hope, happiness and content.

Family time is also my source of happiness. I love spending time with my parents, helping them and going out on walks with them. We share a lot of our experiences among each other and I really learn a lot from them.

I love writing poetry and when I have a new idea or thought going through my mind continuously, I frame it in poems and the happiness I get from it, is unmatched. The fact that I have above 200 poems to my credit, makes me happy and gifts me a million smiles.

I hence feel, that happiness lies in simple things and I have the below poem written by me, to express the fact that happiness lies in simple things.

A life, so simple

My eyes open mirthfully,
by the soft rays of the glistening sun falling upon it,
to begin a new day in a life,so simple…

My bowed head with raised hands
in a prayer to the Almighty,
instils faith and spirituality in me, in a life, so simple…

The gleeful gestures of children during their plays,
puts a forever-lasting happiness on my face,
to stay cheerful in a life, so simple…

My helpful gestures to the feeble,
brings the moisture of love in their eyes,
keeping me blessed in a life, so simple…

Nurturing the plants in my courtyard,
germinates love and compassion in me,
to be responsible in a life, so simple…

The humming melodies of the haywire birds,
enables me to tap my feet and sing from within,
keeping me enjoyable in life, so simple…

A cup of hot tea in the midst of work,
gifts me moments of relaxation,
to retain my determination in a life, so simple…

The coolness of the starry night,
rids me out of tension,
making me sleep blissfully in a life, so simple…


Well, the below ad about happiness inspired me to write this post on Happiness. Do have a watch!

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