Life’s simple pleasures!

Happiness doesn’t need reasons, unless we build this notion and attitude in our lives. Million dollar dreams and this worldly life is not really happiness and a materialistic life is definitely not true happiness. For me, simple things in life bring happiness. Simple smiles, words of praise, a cup of tea- these are the few things which make me happy and make my day. If we … Continue reading Life’s simple pleasures!

My moments of de-stress

My moments of de-stress A mumbaikar by heart and soul, I live a weekend in work’s control. And when my work piles up, stress creeps in making me nervous, under pressure and tensed. My travel back home is drenched in thoughts of my work assignments- few pending reports, bills to pay, presentations to prepare and sometimes amidst all this, I sigh at a poor me! But when … Continue reading My moments of de-stress