Nashta with Guptaji’s family!

They say that breakfast should be done like a king! So what is a King-like breakfast? Well, a breakfast where every nutritious food is present. Our breakfast should hence constitute of healthy and nutritious foods like cereals, milk, juice, fruits and oats. A healthy breakfast will contribute towards a better and healthy mind and soul. A perfect breakfast helps one to be active and get the apt energy to work throughout the day.

I am a firm believer of the above notion. I believe that we must have a balanced diet of carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins, and I always try and include these elements during my breakfast or any other food time. This way, I try and ensure to keep myself balanced. I believe that a person who follows a balanced and healthy diet, followed by proper exercise, need not worry about their body and hence, must keep calm.

Recently, I got a more creative and innovative way to experiment with my breakfast, while still retaining the essence of nutrition in it. I saw an Ad by Kellogg’s about Gupta Family, where the housewife of the family cooks some delicious, healthy and innovative breakfast for the family. I really enjoyed watching the videos. In each video, she shared a recipe where cornflakes were the integral part.

It is obvious that including Cornflakes in breakfast is indeed beneficial, as it consists of iron, which is good for our health. Mrs. Gupta is a beautiful and kind lady who wishes to make healthy food for her family. She had cooked and made some really good breakfast.

So, what would I want to visit the Gupta Family during breakfast time?

Well, I would love to visit them often. They have a breakfast item for every occasion and I am sure, she may invent a new dish when I will share my likes with her. I had been through the list of breakfast items which Mrs. Gupta has prepared and would like to share a few of them below-

  • Choco-mint cornflakes
  • Cornflake walnut brownie
  • Cornflake coconut ladoos
  • Cheesy cornflakes
  • Peach cornflakes
  • Cornflakes fruity Yoghurt-cup
  • Cornflakes date shakes
  • Cornflakes khatta moong
  • Walnut cornflakes choco balls
  • Cornflakes chana chat
  • Cornflakes jelly shakes, to name a few!

I liked each and every item mentioned above, but the best among them to me are Cornflakes fruity Yogurt-cup, Cornflake chana chat, Cornflake coconut ladoos and Cornflakes khatta moong. I would want to visit Gupta family, each time they prepare these items.

Cornflake fruity Yoghurt-cup is nutritious, tasty and yummy indeed. Its ingredients are nutritious and their blend only makes the sweet dish, delicious and perfect. I love Yoghurt and hence, this item is something I would definitely have.

Cornflake chana chat is another spicy and inviting recipe. I love spicy food and it is fine to have spicy dishes for a change during weekends. So, I would definitely go to their place for this innovative and tasty dish.

Cornflake coconut ladoos are healthy, sweet and crispy. A sweet dish during breakfast and something as delicious as this would be a definite addition to my breakfast. So, I would definitely visit the Gupta’s when they have this in their breakfast.

Cornflakes khatta moong is another innovative and tangy recipe. A sprout like Moong is healthy and a must have for nutrition. Hence, this creative breakfast dish is definitely my favorite and one of the reasons why I would visit Mrs. Gupta during breakfast.

So, these yummy and delicious dishes are the reasons why I would definitely be among the best friends of the Gupta family. In fact, I would also learn some new recipes which she may try and test in the future.

Watch the Gupta Family videos and subscribe to her, like I did, so that you may be updated and let me know which you like the best.

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