Men, it’s time to #ShareTheLoad :)

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If you really wish to make happiness, your loved one’s abode,
it’s time now that you start to #ShareTheLoad

Equality is the essence of humanism. When men and women are treated justly and seen with the same notion, the world will see peace and content.

When a question like, “Is laundry only a women’s job?” arrives, my answer to it would be a straight NO! And why I feel so and what are my views on it, can be read here

My family is quite liberal and believes in the idea of equality and its execution. When I informed my parents about this movement, where it was time for the men of the house to take the pledge and #ShareTheLoad, my dad readily accepted the idea. He is a kind person. But, this time, I wanted my brother to take up the challenge. He was a little hesitant at the beginning, but later submitted to the challenge.

It was time for my little brother to showcase his talent
and participate in the #WashBucketChallenge

This weekend, he decided to do the laundry and my mother and I, helped him understand the functions of the machine. He understood the entire procedure quickly and in fact, enjoyed the process. I was feeling great throughout, as I thought, now he too could help us to #ShareTheLoad in the future.

My brother holding the Ariel Matic Pack! :)
My brother holding the Ariel Matic Pack! 🙂

When he did the laundry and completed the task, he had a smile of contentment on his face. He said that he loved it and found it cool and easy.

When asked that will he continue helping us in the laundry, he replied with an approving “YES!”

He even said that he would help us in doing the laundry during the weekends and have some family time. What more than to please my parents as they saw their complete lazy son transform into a good and obedient one.

In fact, I have a small audio recorded in his voice, to share his experience of sharing the work at home.

Click here to listen to the audio

So what are your views on sharing the load at home and helping out your family?

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