My #dilkideal for the Orphans!

“What is a life without love?
A mere nameless story.”

– Amreen B. Shaikh

Beauty and happiness is all around us, in different shapes and sizes, if only we own a heart and soul to search for it. I realized and experienced this thought when I went ahead, conquered and overcame the beauty of this materialistic world from my perceptions, and accepted the grandeur and delight perched in the simple pleasures and gestures of life.

January, this year, I won a blogging competition and hence, was entitled to receive an e-gift voucher of ₹ 5000. I was elated and already made plans to buy a few of my favorite things from Snapdeal. I was extremely happy and even started imagining what I would be doing with them.

Then the other day, my friend called me. She said that there was a small campaign to take place in a local Orphanage in our locality. My friend had contributed a few items from her end to the campaign and hence, became a part of the organizers’ team. She wanted me to contribute for the same. I was confused and in a state of dilemma. I am a student with no paying jobs and was unable to afford my daily allowance as a contribution to the campaign. Eventually, I only had the winning amount to donate.

Initially, I was a little subdued, sad and disheartened. It was a difficult decision for me and my mind was completely drenched in satisfying my pleasures, while my heart went out for those little, innocent orphans and eventually, I gave in.

I decided hence, to spend my entire winning prize towards the development and nourishment of the orphans. I went online and bought a few school stationery items, children reading books and indoor games from Snapdeal! Throughout my buying process, I felt great and sheer happiness brushed through my face. It was an amazing experience and I felt that I strucked a perfect #DilKiDealOnSnapdeal.

“My Contribution for the Kids”


My orders were delivered within a week’s time as promised. The Campaign was just 2 days away and I had a lot to complete for the campaign. The Empower Orphan” campaign also had this activity where the student organizers could distribute things of their interest- handmade, creative, anything to the donors, thus inviting them to drop in some more donation amounts at the respective student organizer’s stall.

Thus, I started making creative, handmade cards with poems about Empowerment and Development of the orphans. I also wrapped the donation items in bright colored papers and labelled those with love. I had also prepared a few handmade cards with poems for the children which I wished to gift to every kid.

“Handmade cards for the kids”


The day came. The campaign began.

To elevate the well-being of the orphans and underprivileged children, thus empowering them to succeed. Let us motivate individuals like you to translate your empathy into action and an opportunity for the orphans, thus making an environment of equality and happiness and a life they deserve.

– Empower Orphans Mission Statement

There were many attendees at the venue. Every organizer had something to offer. My stall earned a handsome amount of ₹ 10000 and a few gifts from the attendee donors. Every donor received a handmade certificate of acknowledgement from the Organizers’ Team. I received a certificate as well and it was priceless!

“Handmade Thank You cards for the donors”


After the entire program, we all spent some quality time with the kids, playing with them and talking to them, like we were a part of them. It was a blissful time indeed! I enjoyed every moment of it and believe that what happens, happens for the best. God had beautiful plans for me and I thank him for that. A sense of utter content and mirth encompassed me. I still believe that the money couldn’t have bought me more joy than this. The deal was perfect!

Little Orphans & a few wise messages


Some hearts we conquered,
some smiles we earned,
they say happiness is difficult to attain,
I say, search it with a loving heart,
it is just a moment away.

A few loving gestures and a few caring words,
encouraged many a little, innocent hearts
as confidence was painted on their faces.

And what did we receive in return,
a million moments of happiness,
a few actions of hope
and many a hearts holding a bright future within their tiny eyes.

I am participating in the #DilKiDealOnSnapdealactivity at BlogAdda in association with SnapDeal.

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