The magical story of a boat school

In childhood, we have always loved listening to stories- good, courageous, fairy tales and we always imagined being the rescuer in disguise or the courageous warrior who turned everything right or the magical creature who with its powers made others happy. Aren’t stories beautiful? So would you fancy listening to a new story from me? And will you contribute your part in it to make it more beautiful, complete and perfect? This time you won’t have to just imagine, you can act and make it happen, for it is a true story.

We all remember making paper boats during monsoons in our childhood, don’t we? And it was a delight to see it sail slowly and steadily across the narrow streams of rain water on the ground. What if we get a chance to help sail a real boat of education with small, innocent and illiterate kids, wanting to quench their thirst for basic education and learning? Yes, you can! We all can participate in the journey of doing right.

We are aware about the vicious circle of illiteracy and its negative impact on India. In order to make India, a developed nation, help it adopt a rational approach towards life and better the state of living, we need to reduce the rate of illiteracy and contribute towards improvising the percentage of literacy, which is one of the factors of development of India.

A team of individuals who believe in this notion, in the notion to do right, started an initiative called the Varanasi Boat School, which is an innovative haven of education for the children of the Ganga. The Varanasi Boat School Team has not only worked effortlessly towards the development of education among the children, but also shouldered the entire cost of its progress. Initially, the children were reluctant to learn, but the team didn’t lose hope and created an enjoyable environment for them. Thus, the team helped in keeping the children off the streets of Varanasi and provided them with a platform and the freedom to learn from among a number of subjects like, Drawing, Maths, English, Computers, or whatever they wish to learn.

The Varanasi Boat School is a tool of magical transformation for bringing about a vast change in the field of education and eradicating illiteracy from India.

So what can we do? Well, a lot! We can provide and support the Team in creating an ideal learning environment for the children. A good amount of contribution can help the boat school in terms of redecoration, restoration and facilities. This way, the education standards would improve and also will we witness many children turn as a responsible and educated citizen of India. Thus, we own the courage and will to bring about a serious change not only in many lives, but also in India.

Can we all come together to contribute and donate in making this story become a complete one, a successful one? Can we help sail this boat school towards the shore of sheer happiness, perfectness and development? Yes, we can!

Let us unite and be #india4india

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