Star facility and best patient care

Hospitals have evolved from being an isolated sanatorium to a place with five star facilities. The patients and their relatives who visit the hospital, expect better treatment along with a comfortable stay. This change in attitude and expectations has come from the exposure of media and the establishment of better commercialization and infrastructure facilities.

Hospitals have expanded in terms of availability of facilities, specialization, technology, treatment and providing a better treatment to the patients along with facilitating a world-class experience to the visitors. The relation between the consumer and the provider is direct, where the consumer (patient) invests handsome charges for his treatment and the provider (hospital) in return provides star facility and the best patient care.

India, too, has witnessed this change and accepted it. We can hence, expect and experience the best hospital treatment and premium facilities within the confines of India. Coming to a much concentrated region, the hospitals in Pune too, have adopted the best patient care and star facility.

Some of the best clinics in Pune include-

  1. Mann Clinic: Located around the Hingne Khurd area in Pune, Mann Clinic can be regarded as one of the best clinics in Pune. Dealing in areas ranging from Psychiatry, Sexual Medicine & Medical therapy to conducting ECT, EEG and MBT. One can gain more insight about their facilities through their website. 
  2. Jhamwar Eye Hospital & Clinic: This clinic is located near Satara road, Pune and deals with eye patients. The clinic has the best eye surgeons and we can read more about it through their website. 
  3. Dew Derma Skin Clinic: A private hospital providing hair and skin treatments to patients in different age groups, this clinic is located in the Aundh area of Pune. It has a beautiful website where we can connect with the clinic directly and know more about it.

Other best Clinics in Pune include  Pallavi Laser Centre Pvt. Ltd, Paranjpe Eye Clinic, Dr. Mahesh Akhegaonkar Clinic, Envision Eye Clinic, etc.

Some of the best hospitals in Pune –

  1. Sai Sneh Multi-specialty hospital: The hospital is located near Katraj in Pune and provides specialized services in the fields of orthopaedics, Unani, Ayurved and homeopathy. Visit the website to get complete information about their services.
  2. Lifeline hospital: A multi-specialty hospital, ranging in facilities from ophthalmology, obstetrics, gynecology, pediatric intensive care, ICU, Spine and Joint Replacement surgery and more, is located in Wagholi, Pune. Visit the website for more details.
  3. Parmar Multi-specialty & Maternity Home: The hospital is located in Aundh, Pune and is considered as one of the best hospitals in Pune and deals in neonatal department & fertility. Visit the website for more details.

Other best hospitals in Pune include Meera Hospital, Medipoint Hospital, Chaitanya Hospital, K. K. Hospital, etc.

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