Togetherness, the ‘real’ one!

Together is a wonderful place to be. Isn’t it? A person is unable to be happy or enjoy life, by being alone. Memories, too, cannot be created alone. It is only through togetherness and unity, that we can achieve things, be happy, rejoice, share, love, initiate and create memories. I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do … Continue reading Togetherness, the ‘real’ one!

It takes a family to make a home!

Home is an emotion and much more than a house made of bricks, cement and measures. Because home is where laughter resides, expressions confine and hearts live. Home is the shelter of not beings, but souls- vivid, special and full of themselves. A place where memories are born of a million smiles and sorrows. Home is a book written of a many stories and chapters- … Continue reading It takes a family to make a home!

Words & Wisdom- The End

This life and its course is temporary. Nothing in life is permanent, isn’t it? Then, why do we degrade our lives and fall into despair when we fail, despite knowing the fact that it is short-lived? Let’s give it a thought! What are your thoughts about failure? Do you believe in the notion of ‘Failure is the stepping stone to progress’ or are you the … Continue reading Words & Wisdom- The End

#WillOfSteel Stories

This post won the JSW’s ‘#WillOfSteel Campaign’ hosted by Blogadda   Stories are powerful, strong, confident, beautiful. Isn’t our lives a little story among the many stories which breathe in the world? But does our story reflect a message, like a seed of inspiration to germinate something, magnificent? Or do we always crib and degrade our lives for this materialistic world¬†and forget to cherish its¬†simple … Continue reading #WillOfSteel Stories

Life’s simple pleasures!

Happiness doesn’t need reasons, unless we build this notion and attitude in our lives. Million dollar dreams and this worldly life is not really happiness and a materialistic life is definitely not¬†true happiness. For me, simple things in life bring happiness. Simple smiles, words of praise, a cup of tea- these are the few things which make me happy and make my day. If we … Continue reading Life’s simple pleasures!

My optimistic moment!

In life, there are innumerable moments of despair and when it seems difficult for us to come out of it, someone or something influences or gives us that hand of optimism to walk towards hope and get positive. For me, there have been many such beautiful moments of encouragement and optimism as well, but there is one such moment or incident in my life which … Continue reading My optimistic moment!

My moments of de-stress

My moments of de-stress A mumbaikar by heart and soul, I live a weekend in work’s control. And when my work piles up, stress creeps in making me nervous, under pressure¬†and tensed. My travel back home¬†is drenched in thoughts of my work assignments- few pending reports, bills to pay, presentations to prepare and sometimes amidst all this, I sigh at a poor me! But when … Continue reading My moments of de-stress