It takes a family to make a home!

Home is an emotion
and much more than a house
made of bricks, cement and measures.
Because home is where laughter resides,
expressions confine and hearts live.

Home is the shelter
of not beings, but souls-
vivid, special and full of themselves.
A place where memories are born
of a million smiles and sorrows.

Home is a book
written of a many stories and chapters-
the haven of a many unspoken words,
of guilt, priceless moments, of unsung lullabies,
and of beautiful words.

Every wall of a home
have immersed within itself
an ocean of happiness and laughter,
and absorbed within itself
a many secrets and stories of mirth.

For me, home is an art
made by not only me, but each family member-
a canvas to our muse, our thoughts and ideas,
where each one of us
is a part of the hues which blend in
to create an eternal and united bond of love.

It is
a place which belongs to us,
an emotion of our own,
a little world, a poem, a story, a happiness, we can rejoice over,
any moment
any time.

And a home is a place
meant for us,
where we can share our happiness, our bliss,
our splendor and our celebrations
together and feel each of it, as our own.

What if I get a chance to transform my little abode
of beauty and tranquil?

Well, if that happens,
I would definitely wish to witness the change
reflect the shine of each of my family member’s
and preserve within it, a lasting aroma,
of our different identities.

The drawing room is a place
which defines us all-
where we all gather, laugh, share, rejoice,
the place which belongs to each one of us.


We all love colors and wallpapers,
which can adorn the walls of our drawing room,
in vivid hues of orange corals,
giving the room- spaciousness, representing
the charm in our relations- unbounded and extensive,
and complimenting the TV wall,
with mint colored coral wallpaper
completing the boundaries of our huge expanse of happiness.

Dad love fishes,
so definitely, a sleek and lighted mini aquarium of beautiful gold fishes, betta,
black shirt tetras, danios, whiteclouds and bloodfin tetras
situated in the middle of the ceiling
just above the plush sofa
saving a lot of space, while gracing the happiness of the house.


Mom is a nature lover,
and adores flowers and terrariums,
so, a corner of the hall should be adorned with
beautiful flowering plants and hanging terrariums
with lovely money plants bordering them all.


Abu loves to paint
so, the wide window wall
can be contoured with mini paintings by him
showing off his artistic skills
and enhancing our home, with his vigor, his grandeur.


I love poetry, books and DIY,
so, a wall to be dedicated to a small shelf,
made by me, contained with all my favorite books and
edged with a few sketches and handmade adornments
which speak my passion.

So, you see, I would love to transform my home
with the essence and soul of each one of us
and be etched by the ideas of us
to mirror a true canvas of unity, love and the emotion called ‘home’.

I am participating in the  Upload and Transform #HomeCanvas activity in association with Godrej Interio and BlogAdda. If you are not blogging, you can still be a part of this activity. Here’s how

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