Airtel 4G- The Fastest Network Ever!

Technology has changed our lives. It has made our lives more comfortable and easy,  entertained us and helped us develop our business. Thus, technology has been there, always! I sometimes feel, how it was so troublesome for people in the earlier days to complete tasks and how doing them was so time-consuming. With the advent of Technology, we can see how work can be done effectively and efficiently, in lesser time, which leaves us with some leisure time to occupy for other productive activities.

It is definitely difficult to imagine life without technology, because it has become a crucial and integral part of our lives, isn’t it? But with the advent of Mobile Technology and Internet, everyone has gained a special power and privilege and just everyone has benefited from it. In fact, mobile technology has replaced the traditional methods of technology and have provided service to the society, par excellence.

With the Internet and Android Technology, we are able to connect to the world, to communicate and socialize, to build our businesses, to explore and to succeed. In fact, we can complete a lot of our petty work on the mobile while we travel and that’s where flexibility of work is obtained.

Airtel has recently launched Airtel 4G, which is by default the fastest network to be launched in India. Airtel is the first telecom operator to issue 4G services in India and has made a nationwide rollout in about 296 cities. The best part is, that it will be providing Airtel 4G speed at 3G price and is issuing free Airtel 4G SIM to those who wish to have it by a simple tweet- #GetAirtel4G. That’s not all! The SIM will be delivered to the issuers for free at their doorsteps! Isn’t that cool?

What will I do if I get this unbelievable speed to work with?

Well, definitely happy and excited! A lot of my work is based on my phone. My blogging work is mostly attended on the mobile and that way, I connect with my followers and readers anytime, anywhere, through my mobile. I even do a lot of reading and commenting on other blogs through my mobile, because that is convenient, so yes, mobile is an integral part of me and my passion. And Internet connectivity is more important that way.

Apart from blogging, I read books online, download eBooks online and even listen to songs online. So, that way, if I get such nice internet speed, I will definitely use it to read books online for long and in less time. Also, with great speed, I can download eBooks in less time and with much ease. I can also download songs and videos or for that matter, even movies online, with a good download speed.

Mobile Applications and 3D Games are something which I adore, but good download speed is a must for them. And with Airtel 4G, I can download applications much faster and in good speed. Wouldn’t life be easy and comfortable?

I am already excited about Airtel 4G and one can even compare download speeds of Mobile Applications between 2G, 3G and 4G internet networks through Airtel’s tweet campaign on Twitter using this format >>  @AIRTELINDIA #Airtel4GSpeedTest <APPNAME>

#Excited about Airtel 4G! 🙂

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