How I helped my Ma get more ‘Smart’er with technology!

Our Society’s festive party’s scheduled next week and Ma wants to make the best dessert. She decides to take tips from Sheela Aunt. Mom’s not tech-savvy. According to her, the stamp-sized-screen phone she owns is the best, as it can work longer and does what a phone does- take-and-make calls. Smartphones’ irrelevant to her. Ma: Hey Zombie! Stuck to your phone again? Me: I’m on Coursera, Ma. Lemme concentrate. Ma: You and … Continue reading How I helped my Ma get more ‘Smart’er with technology!

Airtel 4G- The Fastest Network Ever!

Technology has changed our lives. It has made our lives more comfortable and easy,  entertained us and helped us develop our business. Thus, technology has been there, always! I sometimes feel, how it was so troublesome for people in the earlier days to complete tasks and how doing them was so time-consuming. With the advent of Technology, we can see how work can be done effectively … Continue reading Airtel 4G- The Fastest Network Ever!

Life made easy with #MyAirtelApp!

Smart phones are a part of us, isn’t it? With the development and advancement of mobile technology, our lives have become much better and multi-tasking has got more convenient. With the commencement of Smart phones in my life, most of my work gets done soon and without any hassles. I have used Smart phones for website designing, content development, tweeting, social marketing, blog writing and to … Continue reading Life made easy with #MyAirtelApp!

It’s ASUS Zenfone 2

Mobile Technology has witnessed a drastic change over the few years. A few decades ago, there were only landlines and a complete absence of mobile phones, not even those boring and monotonous stamp-sized screen phones. We’ve really evolved! Today, smart phones have completely changed our outlook and we are connected with the entire world with the device within our palm. I am in awe when I … Continue reading It’s ASUS Zenfone 2

Redefining my smart phone experience with ASUS Zenfone 2!

Technology is evolving and with its progress, our lifestyle too, has witnessed a vast change. The most common application of technology in our lives is smart phones. Within a few years of time, mobile technology has adopted a huge conversion in its experience and service. Communication has become extremely convenient, wireless and at fingertips from a wired and attached connection. The call and message rates … Continue reading Redefining my smart phone experience with ASUS Zenfone 2!