How I helped my Ma get more ‘Smart’er with technology!

Our Society’s festive party’s scheduled next week and Ma wants to make the best dessert. She decides to take tips from Sheela Aunt. Mom’s not tech-savvy. According to her, the stamp-sized-screen phone she owns is the best, as it can work longer and does what a phone does- take-and-make calls. Smartphones’ irrelevant to her.


Ma: Hey Zombie! Stuck to your phone again?

Me: I’m on Coursera, Ma. Lemme concentrate.

Ma: You and your ‘Smart‘ phone! Anyway, I’m going at Sheela’s.

Me: Ma… I’ll teach you; I mean my phone.

Ma: (Amused) What?

Me: C’mon Ma, you can thank me later (Winks)

Ma: Ohk…! Let’s see if your phone can teach me Rasmalai.


Me: (Smiling) Ma.. Smartphones’ made our life simpler, better and connected to the world at almost no cost. You see, I was watching a lecture on Data Science by John Hopkins University at home, then why can’t you learn a simple Indian dish?

Ma: Hmm..

Meanwhile, I teach her to search and watch cooking videos on YouTube.

Ma: The video’s so clear.

Me: Isn’t it? That’s the beauty of 4G- the latest generation in internet mobile-technology, which gives us flawless video experience without data buffering.

Ma: Does that mean we can watch anything on the phone?


Me: Yes! Android applications boost its functionality. Apps like HotStar helps in viewing TV episodes, anytime. Infact, there are apps to check your BP, diabetes, heart rate, pay bills, order/shop online, locate places, scan/read cards or items.”

Ma: But are they trust-able?

Me: Completely!

Meanwhile, my brother’s message comes on my phone, wanting a few images to be emailed. 

While, I send him the photos

Ma: (Frantically) The video will disappear. Mail him later.

Me: (Smiling) Fret not mom! It’d take a moment and the video will resume from where we left.

Ma: (Raising her eyebrow) You mean smartphones can multi-task like moms?

Me: Definitely! With Octa-Core processors, seamless multi-tasking’s like a piece of cake!

Mom tries to mail on her own to my brother, but ends in a mess.


Ma: (Distressed)

Me: (Laughing) Chill mom! That’s the auto-correct-feature. Though frustrating, you’ll get a hang of it, with time!

After we’re done watching the video

Me: Should I subscribe to the channel, to keep you updated with fresh recipes?

Ma: (Smiling) Do that! I’m liking it!

Me: Great, YouTuber!

Ma: What’s that?

Me: YouTubers one who uses YouTube. I recently read about tech words added to popular dictionaries, YouTuber’s one of them. Interestingly, the word of 2015 is an ’emoji with tears of joy’.

Pankaj, our neighbor comes home as he needed help in his project work, but has no internet-connectivity.


Ma: How’ll you help him?

Me: With the Wi-Fi-hotspot-feature, internet can be shared.

Ma: Your battery doesn’t die?

Me: The Power-Saver-Mode prevents apps from updating in the background, dims the screen, reduces screen-timeout setting, disables on-screen animations, and turns off vibration. By default, this mode turns on when battery level’s < 20%. Hence, battery lasts longer.

Me: You know Ma, my phone works on Marshmallow

Ma: (Puzzled) A Sweet?

Me: Lol! Ma, it’s an OS- technically seamless, experience-wise, sweet!

Ma: Hmm…


Me: It has features like Doze for improved battery life, Direct-Share for single button share on apps, Fingerprint-Support for security and authorizing payments, and Type-C cables for faster data transfer and charging, making it an OS star for #TEchnocrats!

Ma: (Burps) Looks like I learned too much about smartphones today!

Meanwhile, dad arrives and sees mom using my phone

Dad: How come you using the smartphone today?

Ma: I’m getting ‘smart‘er!

The conversation ends in a riot of laughter.






Word Count : 597
Photo Credits: BitStrips


27 thoughts on “How I helped my Ma get more ‘Smart’er with technology!

  1. All those superheroes in the world, and it is Super-Amreen who saves the day 😀
    The BitStrip images are awesome! I haven’t used them yet, but the ones here are very much suitable. I love how you have used the humour here 🙂
    That web search!!! 😀 😀
    Btw, is this an open contest?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Superb work Amreen…This one was very creative and I think that we all need to make our parents get smarter by making use of smartphones, tablets as well as other gadgets.


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