Life made easy with #MyAirtelApp!

Smart phones are a part of us, isn’t it? With the development and advancement of mobile technology, our lives have become much better and multi-tasking has got more convenient. With the commencement of Smart phones in my life, most of my work gets done soon and without any hassles.

I have used Smart phones for website designing, content development, tweeting, social marketing, blog writing and to interact with many like-minded individuals, complete many online courses and simply listen to music or capture a lot of photographs with my 13 MP Camera.

Apart from the best features of a Smart phone, I personally enjoy the inclusion of Mobile Applications in the Smart phones. According to me, Mobile Applications, or simply, an App is a medium to make our smart phone experience more perfect. Mobile Application are easy to use, transparent to the user, have well designed GUI and are convenient.

I am an Airtel mobile network user and with the recent establishment of an Airtel App, my life has got better. We all know the problems associated with recharging our mobile phones, ensuring we get a proper internet data plan and also it is problematic when we have to contact the call center for any network related queries. But, the Airtel App has simplified our network experience with the development of a dedicated mobile App.

Why Do I neeD an Airtel App?

Well, I have many reasons to download an Airtel App, but I would like to state 3 of them!

An Airtel App is a simple way to manage all our Airtel services through our handset.

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Photo Courtesy:

“I want to” feature: We can save most of our frequent tasks on home screen as shortcuts under “I want to” tab. We can make shortcuts of –

  • Bill payments
  • Recharge
  • Buy packs
  • Record a program
  • Order games
  • View balance
  • Data consumed
  • Check recharge history

With this feature, I can keep a track of many essential things related to my mobile network. I am a very forgetful person. It is always difficult for me to keep a track of my net data and payment. With the I want to feature on Airtel app which allows me to note my to-do tasks, I can perform my mobile related recharge or data recharge on time and I won’t miss out any important tasks or opportunities.

Photo Courtesy:
Photo Courtesy:

Airtel Surprises feature: Who doesn’t like surprises and when we are loaded with additional offers on every recharge, everything seems perfect! We receive ‘Airtel Surprises‘ coupons with every recharge that we do. We can then redeem these coupons across categories like shopping, food, wellness, entertainment, through popular brands like PVR Cinemas, Café Coffee Day,,,, Archies, VLCC, among others.

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Safe & Secure Payments: Now, with the Airtel App, we don’t need to visit any Local Mobile Recharge center for mobile recharge or network data plan. With the Airtel App, we can now recharge our mobile or DTH and pay our postpaid or fixed line bills easily with-

  • PCIDSS certification
  • Store card details for a faster checkout
  • A friendly and intuitive interface
  • Real time bill tracking
  • A personalized user experience

Hence, I find my virtual and social life more easy and efficient with the introduction of the Airtel App.

Social Life made easy with #MyAirtelApp, indeed!

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