#ShareTheLoad at home!

“Love is comforting her when the world seems to weigh on her shoulders.”

Yes! #ShareTheLoad at home because it is an expression of love. When you contribute to the burden at home, you help to ease the worries and responsibilities, thus creating a pleasant atmosphere around.

When there is equality at home, the word ‘burden’ automatically disappears. I believe that a house where responsibilities are shared is perfectly at bliss and does not leave room for inequality. Sharing the load at home helps in completing the chores and work faster and gives each one at the home to share some family time with each other.

Imagine a home where there exists equality, there exists innumerable benefits. If the mom and dad share the work at home, they can complete the various tasks quickly and can utilize the spare time in something useful. Also, this way, they can also involve their kids in helping them to create a bias-free environment, thus imbibing a good quality in their children. This way, the children also develop a sense of equality in them, which makes them respect every individual- be it man or woman, so that they do not disregard gender equality and disrespect anyone. This way, parents can set an example for their children and develop their mind in a positive way, by sharing the burden of work at home.

If the work is completely dependent on one person, it will be a complete burden for that person and in fact will make them completely tired and they won’t be able to contribute their part in family time. It is obviously not fair to load one person with the entire house work.

Hence, the solution to this is ultimately, sharing the work at home. Every individual can contribute their part to the house chores and activities, so that each one is less burdened and the sense of equality in every word, exists.

In our house, we try to share the work and chores as much as possible and no one member of the family is burdened or overloaded. During weekdays, I help my mom with the groceries and kitchen work, while my brother or dad takes the responsibility of doing the outdoor work, like, paying electricity bills, etc. On weekends, my dad or brother occasionally cook food for us and sometimes, we even dine outside, so we can spend some family time together. This way, we share the load at home and don’t burden anyone. This has helped us in maintaining a peaceful house and a balanced household.

Share the love by sharing the load at home.

I am writing for the #ShareTheLoad activity at BlogAdda.com in association with Ariel.

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